Turkish television caught deliberately changing subtitles when interviewing Afrin local – VIDEO

AFRIN, Syria – A Turkish television station has been caught deliberately changing subtitles to what a local Kurdish resident in the northwest Syrian city of Afrin actually said.

Turkish TV asking an old resident of Afrin about the situation in Afrin, two weeks after Turkish-led forces and their Syrian puppets captured the city from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

The elderly man replies: “The Free Syrian Army are not free, they are thugs and looters, rapists, they raped girls…”

Rather then omitting this from their bias report, the Turkish television crew instead translated everything totally different.

The Turkish television translation instead was: “The YPG do not belong here. They seized our belongings and houses. They killed our people”.

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  • Derek Johnson

    Hey Paul can you give me some proof of what the Kurd dude is saying other than Afarin Mamosta’s translation? they have been shown to lie and lie again backed up by their US and Israeli pals.
    Here is a little something for you;
    Now remember……. Russia never lies …..right?
    She said that countries that refuse to cave into this pressure and spoil relations with Moscow, like Turkey, “show a responsible approach to international law.” Zakharova warned that “tomorrow or the day after tomorrow any country could become a victim of a provocation,” like the one Russia currently faces.

    Did you get that bit about Turkey?

    Zakharova …. yes THAT Zakharova…… said …. about Turkey …. “show a responsible approach to international law.”

    It must be a bitter pill for you to swallow that Russia OK’d the Afrin operation