WATCH as Turkish soldier threatens to invade more of Syria, Iraq before flashing fascist symbol

AFRIN, Syria – A Turkish soldier part of the Olive Branch forces, a coalition of the Turkish military and Syrian jihadist puppets, threatened to invade large swathes of Syria and Iraq before flashing a fascist hand symbol on camera.

The soldier vows to march towards Mosul, Kirkuk and Qandil in Iraq and on Aleppo and Manbij in Syria. These areas are not only home to significant Kurdish populations, but they are also areas claimed by Turkish ultra-nationalists that should incorporate a part of a “Greater Turkey.”

He also flashes the racist Grey Wolves hand sign on camera.

The Grey Wolves are an ultranationalist militant group who espouses pan-Turkism and racism. They operate in all areas with a significant Turkic population such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, many states in Central Asia and Xinjiang in western China. The Kurds are one of their declared enemies as they are not Turkic but an Iranian people.

Meanwhile in Afrin, a British ideologue has been killed fighting the Turkish-led forces. More details and a photo of her can be found here.

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