WORLD FOCUS: The US is preparing for a showdown with Russia at all levels

ATHENS, Greece – A thriller of epic proportions is potentially on the horizons for the whole planet after the US “unblocked” Russia and while Greek submarines are seeking the “Russian Red October” in the Aegean.

The possibility of a strong reaction from the Russians now seems to be circulating, and the Crimea from US war and unmanned vehicles, with the situation in the Bosporus Straits boiling along with Sultan Erdogan’s “future” … shakes the future of the region.

While all this is a Russian video of highly patriotic content and a “message” is probably a prelude to Russia’s blow-response to any activation of a US “Russian spring” project … with Greece being the perfect war base in US plans.

We should not forget the Americans “ride” to a ministry of national defense and their intentions for Alexandroupolis and Larissa airports with the transplantation of unmanned vehicles targeting the Aegean and Bosporus.

At the same time, it has been mandated to completely eradicate the Turkish economy with the Turkish lira plunging into tartar after Fitch’s international credit rating agency has assessed the Turkish government bonds as “trash”.

Turkey is therefore the “weak link” while US generals declare intentions for world war.

“The United States can respond to any attack from Russia,” said the chief of the US Army’s Strategic Command, General John Hetten.

“We are ready for all the existing threats, and no one should question it,” he said.

The general is confident that in addition to a massive assault on the United States, Russia will not be able to do anything that Washington can not answer.

“By the way, they do not know where our submarines are, which are capable of destroying their country if we go in that direction,” he concluded.

Near the Crimean coast, Russian radar recorded a US unmanned vehicle RQ-4A Global Hawk.

This became known by the state news agency RIA Novosti. It is clarified that the UAV was flying recognition near the Crimean coast.

This unmanned vehicle number 10-2043 took off from the Sigonella air base in Sicily, climbed to a height of 16,000 feet, turned for several hours on the southern and western coasts of the Russian peninsula, while it is worth noting that near Sevastopol the UAV descended in a coastal area at a distance of 30 meters.

At the same time, the US Navy with the USS Carney Destroyer, which has a missile system AEGIS and had entered the Black Sea in early March 2018, and successfully tested a new state-of-the-art electronic warfare system, foreign media reported.

USS Carney tested a LockheedMartin system under the brand name SEWIP Block 2 System.

This is a major upgrading of USS Carney’s electronic warfare systems against ship-related threats.

USS Carney crossed the Turkish Straits on the same day to the Aegean.

According to the information on the US Navy website, the improvement of the system was designed to detect and deal with rocket attacks, and features a sophisticated radar and signal receiver.

The US AN / SLQ-32 Electronic Warfare in the Black Sea allowed the US military to test it in a space dominated by Russian electronic systems.

What is understandable is that the US is preparing for a showdown with Russia at all levels, and a major obstacle to their plans is Erdogan and that alone, not Turkey.

For the Turkish president, it is estimated that “a solution will be found” as soon as possible … so that the Americans continue their plans in the area that is now the hottest spot of the planet from anywhere else in the world.

Translated from Penta Postagma.

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  • AM Hants

    Guess the writer missed out on President Putin’s State of the Nation speech? Russia learnt the lesson, when Kissinger stated, ‘He who controls Crete, Malta and Cyprus’, controls the world.

    Not forgetting Bastion, who said hello to the USS Donald Cook, back in 2014 and what haappened there? Not forgetting a few days later, the same ship came unstuck, owing to a couple of little Russian jets.

    The US might have gone snooping, believing their ‘self centred case of self awareness’, not realising that Russia, no doubt gained a lot of intelligence, when the US went snooping.

    • Bessarabyn

      Did not know this Kissinger saying .
      Thanks . Been in Kriti many months. The last part of Greece
      to be liberated from Turk yoke. Have fierce fighters “Palikare’ –
      like Cossacks. Had a woman who took over in the darkest moment
      the remaining ships and led the men to a totally unexpected victory
      over the Turks . Later the honourable (all male) government in Athens
      bestowed the rank of Admiral onto this Jeanne d’Arc from Krete.
      May her greatgranddaughters do same to dishonourable U$UK scum pirates
      occupying this beautiful island .
      Nikos Katzanzakis : Elephtheria y thanatos. Freedom or Death .
      Also Zorba the Greek was written by this Poet from Kriti. A film thereof was made with Anthony Quinn ‘s awesome impersonation . Took him half a year to get out of his/this role. Watch.

      • AM Hants

        Sadly for Crete, Geoffrey Pyatt, who was on the end of the Nuland ‘FU EU’ phone call, went to Crete and Nuland told Cyprus how they should behave. Even May was going to hand over one of the British bases in Cyprus, to Turkey, so they would have a military base in both the North and South of the non-NATO Island. If only they stopped being friends with Russia. What got in the way, was the fact the US and NATO members tried to take out Erdogan. Ooooooops.

        This might interest you:

        Obama, Kissinger and Nuland: Cyprus 1974 – Cyprus 2017…

        ‘…Cyprus: a masterpiece of deceptive diplomacy

        In 1974 Kissinger was able to prepare his Cyprus coup first by deceiving everybody about his real intentions, including the Greek dictator Ioannides, Archbishop Makarios and Soviet FM Gromyko (when he met both of them in Nicosia weeks before the coup), the British government and even his own President Richard Nixon, probably exploiting his serious troubles with Watergate.

        It was a masterpiece of deceptive diplomacy, even if this is something he cannot openly claim…

        Kissinger: The reasons I did it

        Speaking to a closed seminar under Chatham House rules, Mr. Kissinger justified his policy by saying that whoever rules Cyprus, Crete and Malta “rules the world”. Given that he had already lost Malta, he could not afford also to lose Cyprus, ruled by this “red priest”, the “Mediterranean Castro”…

        Read more:

  • Lusaka

    President Erdogan has huge support in this part of the world as he is perceived as putting his country’s interest before those of the West. We wish him continuing good health to deal with all ‘dastardly plots’ against him.

    • James

      I agree, and it’s amazing how lucky Turkey is to stay independent for this long considering how strategic the country is. Hopefully Erdrogan can stay in as long as possible to frustrate the West and put it’s citizens first.

      • anon353425

        And create a political base for an independent Turkey to succeed him in the future.

  • gnome

    Would Greece really side with NATO I wonder I think the people of Greece would leave NATO and follow there own path ! Would the Greek government would follow the people’s will is another question

    • lsammart

      yes, they would, people do not count anything….their oligarchs destroyed Greece and people are paying

    • Tommy Jensen

      The greeks are debtslaves forever to International banks. No way out baby.

  • James

    The American’s are frothing at the mouth as usual. Hopefully Putin can use this to his advantage and force them to make a mistake.

  • Shahna

    ““By the way, they do not know where our submarines are, which are capable of destroying their country if we go in that direction,” he concluded.” [Hetten]
    How do you know? Have you tested that?
    While I’ve seen news reports of Russian and Chinese subs spending months undetected off American coasts – I’ve seen exactly none about American subs remaining undetected off the Russian and/or Chinese coasts…..

    • Bessarabyn

      Buy a pair of spectacles and then try to look.

      • Shahna

        Perhaps you’d care to add a dash of intelligence into the mix?