Yazidi journalist: Turkish-led terrorists forcing women in Afrin to wear hijabs

AFRIN, Syria – A Yazidi journalist has claimed that Turkish-led forces are forming Yazidi women in Syria’s northwest region of Afrin to wear a hijab.

Saad Babir, a Yazidi journalist, activist and Media Director for the Yazda NGO, explained that Turkish-led forces in Basofean village are forcing women to wear a hijab.

This comes as last week Olive Branch Forces, a coalition of the Turkish military and their Syrian jihadist puppets, captured the entirety of the Afrin region from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

In addition, Babir also claimed that the jihadist group Ahrar al-Sham, are forcing Yazidis to learn Islamic religious texts. The Yazidis are a religious minority who are viewed by hard line Salafists as devil worshipers.

The Yazidis are well known as they survived a genocide perpetrated by ISIS in the northern Iraqi region of Sinjar. The genocide saw the Yazidis driven into the Sinjar mountains in the middle of 2014, with thousands dying in the process. They now face a new threat in Afrin from Turkish-led forces.

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  • Lusaka

    ‘A Yazidi journalist has claimed……..’
    So that’s all it is; a claim, yet FortRuss presents it as fact!

    • Constantine

      No, Fort Russ presents it precisely as a claim. In fact, you quoted FR’s article that states this as a claim.

  • hvaiallverden

    So, again, to clarify, some points for the pack of utter ignorant morons calling them self for “freedom of speech” fighters.
    Why I react is simple, the second is facts, the third is deliberate lies and faking of whats the main arguments, about Islam and whats an Muslim, this is exactly the same to be an “good” christian, no exceptions what so ever, absolutely nothing differentiates.
    Because its the core teaching, the pillars, that matters, not the circumstances 2000 years ago and 600 years later in time of great upheavals etc, to tribal wars.
    Never forget that, and just because Muhammad rode camels, we dont need to do that same, but to respect and treat the camel with dignity, that one is the same, do you get it.
    There is NO compulsion in religion.
    You reap what you saw.
    My final warning, most of you will go to hell so fast there will never be an trail, instant gratification.

    My God will simply ask you just one question, when you stand in front of the judge, just one.

    What did you do to others.
    I leave the rest to you.
    Nothing pisses the judge more off than excuses, dont forget that to.

    Anyone, whom is from regions where Islam is the min religion, whom hides this crimes behind Islam, is an rotten soul, an liar and an corrupt human, and not even close to be an Muslim.
    Because, thats not simply anywhere near the truth.
    They, are the problems of whatever they claim is Islam, wahabism, is an cargo cult, insane, tribal and evil, period.

    To me, I dont care what women wears, as long it done be her self, burka and niqab looks bonkers to me, what on earth is this, hiding means, weakness, forcing the oposit to hide, because YOU cant handle it, obviously, that, Pakis, and others, is due to you, and as far to hide that, with sniveling drivel, and flat out lies about been taken out for been an Muslim, helped by an corrupt MSM, where marginalization is bizzenizze, we end up debating issues of irrelevancy, not one of them spoke about the cause, Saudis and uISISa.
    Differentiate, is obviously an dying art, I am afraid, cause and effect, uh….
    This Gangs should be jailed, ripped off to pay the victims, and after an century in jail, thrown out and banned for eternity, anyone opposing this, should be automatically thrown out as well, I can assure you, this will work.
    They did this, no one else, and they deserve punishment.

    African, so what, the same rules, do any crime, out, period.

    And so on.