YPG fighter: “We’d rather die than hand Afrin over to the traitorous Russians”

AFRIN, Syria – Despite the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) being decimated by the Turkish military and their Syrian jihadist proxies, with their coalition being dubbed Olive Branch, a fighter for the Kurdish militia has gone on record to state that “We’d rather die than hand Afrin over to the traitorous Russians.”

To date, the Olive Branch forces have captured at least 75% of Afrin in less than two months of combat. A map and full details can be found here.

The YPG believe that Russia gave Turkey the green light to take on the YPG in Afrin region in the northwest of Syria. However, as usual, the YPG, their media and their supporters have shown zero criticism to the US who are the paymasters of the Kurdish militia and are direct NATO-allies with Turkey.

This strange behavior is an attempt for the YPG to distract from the fact that their failures in Afrin are because they decided not to accept Syrian Army help believing they could take on the Turkish-led forces on their own and maybe even receive air cover from the US.

This gross miscalculation has seen thousands of Kurds flee to government-held areas of Syria, despite the YPG saying they would never cooperate with the Russians. This effectively demonstrates that the YPG would rather serve US interests then the interests of their own civilians.

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  • 1691

    Ok then, die. Hurry up! Who needs terrorists! Go to your virgins and stay there.

    • Tudor Miron

      Well they refuse to do so. This “superhero” forces handed Afrin to Turkey and flee under Assad and Russia protection in government held areas. Even than their leaders keep spreading lies in hope for some more bribes.

      • 1691

        Traitors, as disgusting as they are are usually after their own interest. These rats don’t even know what is good for them. I hate to say it but it looks like they are evil idiots. I shall not be missing them.

  • John Mason

    Really! Hasn’t occurred to the YPG that no one gives a shit if they get killed, traitors don’t deserve anything better.

    • FlorianGeyer

      I would think that the US will push the meme that its the ‘Russians fault’ that Turkey invaded as the US will be seeking to create discord with the Kurd refugees in government controlled areas.

  • Observation Post

    Quite possible the Kurds have khazar DNA

    • AM Hants

      Aren’t they nomads? Just like the Khazars/Ashkenazi that originated from nomadic Turkic tribes, that adopted Judea, Islam and Christianity, whilst studying Hebrew?

      • Observation Post

        This is correct, AM.

        They’re still hugging a grudge, wouldn’t you say?

        • AM Hants

          It is something that I cannot get my head around. Why nomads, suddenly decide to want to settle, with a base, but, only in places with a vast wealth of natural resources? Have you noticed how Governments manipulate them, to their advantage, with ease, if the price is right?

          • Observation Post

            Nomads? You are too diplomatic.

            Parasites. Looking for a host.

  • lance

    US Inc puts them in a sausage maker and it’s Russia’s fault, again! That’s rich.

    Why are these people so dumb? Get over hollywood. It’s not real. You know the bad guys by their deeds, not by their movies.

  • ColinNZ

    Syria & Russia: “Syria will always fight for Syrians on Syrian soil. If you allow Syrian authority to resume in Afrin district we will help you”.

    YPG-Kurds: ” NEVER !! … There is no place for Syrians or Syrian Authority here. NEVER ! NEVER !”

    Syria & Russia: “Hey guys, how did that work out for you?”.

  • RussG

    “THAN the interests of their own civilians.” Drives me crazy.

  • Tarciso Ribeiro

    A bunch of mercenaries and traitors is what they are.

  • ziad

    so you rather die and give it to turks and there terrorists?