BREAKING: Jaish al-Islam agree to leave Duma within 48 hours

EAST GHOUTA, Syria – Less than a day after Jaish al-Islam most likely conducted a false-flag operation with a chemical attack that has killed at least 70 civilians, they have agreed to leave the East Ghouta town of Duma.

Duma is the last site controlled by terrorist organizations in the East Ghouta region, directly to the east of Damascus city center.

As part of the deal, they must release all prisoners. Once all prisoners are released, they will be transported to the town of Jarablus on the Syria-Turkey border that the Turkish military and their jihadist proxies currently occupy.

This comes after a devastating chemical weapon attack in Duma that was immediately blamed on the Syrian government. Read the report that suggests that it was conducted by Jaish al-Islam and not the Syrian military.

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  • leo

    better to let them leave only when this chemical weapon attack is clarified, otherwise they will spin it like “by this terrible attack the SAA forced us to leave ….”

  • Larchmonter445

    Kill them all. Wipe them out.

    • mundanomaniac

      you will never wipe them out, Larch
      and behind that fiction a lot of dark
      might wait to hide

  • joe

    These chemical attacks blamed on Syrian president assad are more than pathetic, they are even beyond comedy.Who in their right mind will believe this BS?

  • ICFubar

    Is anyone else getting tired of all this senseless slaughter with no one held accountable? Fingers may be pointed but factual evidence as to the perpetrators that would stand up to cross examination seems no where to be found. This leads to vigilante justice and no prisoners are to be taken by all sides. However those who at a distance give the nod for such atrocities to take place never seem to met with any justice for their crimes whatsoever. This is disgusting by even the lowest of standards I’d make the families of these about to escape murderers deal with the bodies of the slain before departure is allowed.

  • jk krug

    Trying to leave after they orchestrated a toxic attack. Keep these terrorist there. They know a fight is cumming now they want to run. Cowards.

  • Guest
  • Sen Uasrit

    Funny those chemicals Assad is supposedly using only kills children mainly. A very interesting weapon, I should say that does selection of this nature.

  • ziad

    these are the bastards that committed the false flag cw attacks ,,dont let them leave without interrogation and make them admit it and face justice