Britain, US, France may intervene in Syria again

The British Prime Minister Teresa May, US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron agreed that in order to maintain the ban on the use of chemical weapons, the international community must respond to the alleged chemical attack in Syria, the spokesman for the British premier said.

“The Prime Minister held a telephone conversation with Trump who agreed that reports of a chemical attack in Syria are highly deserving of  a condemnation, and if they are confirmed, there is yet to be proof of the outrageous cruelty of President of Syria Bashar al Assad in relation to his own people, as well as complete disregard for their legal obligations for the non-use of such weapons,” the British statement said

“They agreed that the international community should respond in order to support the ban on the use of chemical weapons; they agreed that they will continue working closely together with international partners so that the perpetrators are called to account,” the statement says.

Earlier, the West accused Damascus of being a carrying out a chemical attack in the Syrian city of the Duma in East Ghouta. Moscow refuted information about the chlorine bomb allegedly dropped by the Syrian military. 
The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the goal is to shield the terrorists and justify possible strikes from outside.


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  • 14th Troll

    All Military Analyst know, when you are winning a conflict against the enemy you must do something that will cause the entire World to rally around your enemy and destroy you and the gains you have made. This makes perfect sense why Assad used chemical weapons? (Not!) Do the people in power think we are truly this stupid?

  • Sc00ter5111

    The real culprit in the Syrian gassings lies at the feet of those who gave us “WMD’s” in Iraq as a precursor leading up to the invasion and destruction of a country that had no involvement in 911. The US and Nazi israel are the only ones using chemical weapons on the civilian population
    Lie to me once; shame on you.
    Lie to me twice; shame on me.
    It is a well known fact that this government ALWAYS LIES.

  • Tim Hadfield

    Another NATO f@ckup – guaranteed to be another Libya.

    Just what the Syrian people need.
    Is Libya peaceful – are Libyans happy?

  • hvaiallverden

    Every day that passes, every week that goes, the increasingly insanity and sniveling drivel dripping from this scums, bangs thru the roof, with utter debunked to oblivion gass bullshit, they cant stop cant they, what then, scums, nobody cares, what we care about is not this huffing and puffing, showing of balls that are mere ilusions, in an case we know they have an track record of lying all the time, from Yugolsaiva to the present, the MSM to, and now they berrie whats left, is what can this lonatics be able to do, if anything, and why on earth is this Lame duck still floating, waporize the crap, junk anyway, just give an date and I am certain the crew is gone, and then nobody will be killed, yeah, an win-win.

    I wounder, why not the Russians just dumps an Satan on Paris and do an Wankee doodle, say uuuups, soory, we made an mistake, and we can celibrate the hole on the ground, may fill it with more intellegent creatures like Fishes , frogs and Birds.
    Then even I may travel back , there again, one day.
    Pitty, the Cathedral on the hill, is magificent and remeber the vioue.

    Anoing shit heads, jesus.