Jaish al-Islam wants to take nearly a billion dollars with them from East Ghouta

EAST GHOUTA, Syria – A Syrian MP has revealed that the last remaining active terrorist organization in East Ghouta is demanding that they will only leave the town of Duma if they can leave with $900 million.

Fares Shehabi, MP for Aleppo and Chairman for the Syrian Federation of Industry, revealed this in a tweet.

“One main obstacle in negotiating the departure of #Douma terrorists in #EastGhouta was their insistence on carrying $900 million with them! How did they get this much money? Let’s ask the wahhabi clowns in Saudi Arabia,” he said in a Tweet.

When questioned what the source for this information was, he revealed it was from Syrian Army officers who are negotiating with the terrorist organization.

It is expected that the Syrian Army will not allow this as this huge amount of money can be used to begin reconstruction efforts in the destroyed East Ghouta region, to the immediate east of Damascus city center.

Most terrorist organizations in Syria have accumulated a huge amount of wealth from imposing taxes, extortion, bribery and other scrupulous methods that has severely contributed to the terrible lives civilians led under jihadist rule.

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  • Andrzej Bendyk

    By no means should not that to be allowed. Money is great weapon and many lazy people in Middle East prefer fighting for money than work and learn

  • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

    These head-choppers can take all that they want when they are sent to meet their 80 virgins.

  • FlorianGeyer

    Yes the money should stay to rebuild Syria and Ghouta needs a chunk of it. It is very important though tat the money is controlled in a transparent manner so avoid the theft we have seen in US rebuilding scams in Iraq.

  • Englishman

    Just go in and kill all those Apes.

  • James

    Maybe they are just starting excessively high in order to get some concessions?

  • Sen Uasrit

    America wanted to defend them because of information like this that they are privy to. Sad.But game over for the terrorists.Total loss!