New police training centre opens in Serbian heart of Bosnia, Banja Luka

BANJA LUKA, Republic Srpska – President of Republic Srpska Milorad Dodik, Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic and Minister of Interior Dragan Lukac officially opened a new police training centre in Banja Luka on Wednesday, marking Republic Srpska’s Police Day.

Republic Srpska is an autonomous Serbian region of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On the occasion, dozens of new vehicles, uniforms and arms were showcased, including 2,500 units of the M-92 rifle, which was bought from Serbia.

Reportedly, over 6.5 million BAM [€3.2 million] was spent in renovating an old military facility into the new training centre, where all police forces and special anti-terrorist units will train.

Republika Srpska Police day was established on April 4, 1992.

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  • Modro More

    Just as a matter of fact the “Serbian Heart of Bosnia” throught history of slavic settlement in the balkans has been Croatian land, even under the ottomans rule the western part of bosnia was known as “Turska Hrvatska” ….. look it up ……….

    • Melotte 22

      You Croats are like Ukrainians. Clowns.

    • lolo

      There are no Croats just like there are no Ukrainians or Bosnians or Montenegrins. Croats are Serbian orthodox converts, not unlike Bosnian Muslims. The minority that is not of Serbian orthodox origin is of Hungarian, German or Italian ancestry.

      • Modro More

        Uahahaha ………. you are making a fool of yourself ………

      • Bessarabyn

        True . History proves you right.
        Back to the roots.
        Converts are always very unstable and oft fanatics.

  • ICFubar

    Weird photo that accompanies the article. Half of those in the pic look like clones. It seems the borders of Bosnia were not drawn on the basis of ethnic majorities and as throughout this region’s history this will result in tensions, discrimination and violence.

    • Bessarabyn

      K u K Austria created this Bosnia Herzegovno absurdity

      • ICFubar

        Yes, and the Ottomans also created some divisions along religious lines that were available for usage and played out later and then repeated itself with the American led destabilization and NATO attack on Yugoslavia. Seems world powers self interests can’t help themselves from meddling in Balkan affairs for long enough to let old divisional fault lines, so easily manipulated, subside.