Trump vs. Deep State in Syria? Confusion caught on tape [Video]

On April 7th, an alleged chemical weapon attack took place in Douma, Syria – the very same way it occurred in Khan Sheikhoun last year. Everyone knows Assad didn’t do it, for reasons of irrationality, when the government forces are about to entirely push out the militants from this area. But this video is not about that. The fact of the matter is that Russia removed its nearby forces prior to the attack, that means they were aware it would happen.

Why would the American side inform Russia, in hope that it suffers no casualties – while at the same time, accuse it of heinous crimes at the level of the UN? The answer is quite apparent – President Trump, whose main criticism is the Russiagate scandal, he plays to an internal audience as well as the pressure of what we call “the deep state.” At the same time he mitigates the conflict, in what we hope, is outmost cooperation with Russia. US representatives don’t even have the same information when they make public appearances.

There were no serious casualties in the Douma attack – despite a White Helmets propaganda video, showing children being showered off in water. That is in my next video. Stay tuned!

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  • bonami

    Perhaps the heads up came from the Pentagon and had little to nothing to do with Trump?

  • guardianofretro .

    Younneed Some one who is able to lipread. Further dont think that Russia Will be able to turn this Hellhole which is the USA, into a Holy chapel.

    Their prey in the long term is Russia for its resources they want it to have just like this was the game in the Ukrain libya and Syria. Russia is on the wish list dont be an ignorant Fool.