Assad BANS the West from Syria reconstruction

Western countries will not participate in the reconstruction of Syria

DAMASCUS – Western countries will not participate in the reconstruction of Syria, said the president of the Syrian Arab Republic, Bashar Assad.

“They will not be part of the restoration of Syria, we just will not let them do it. Will they come with money or not? They offer a loan, a donation or grants – anything – we do not need the West. The West is far from the concept of “honesty”: they do not give, they only take,” he said in an interview with the program “The Results of the Week with Irada Zeynalova” on NTV.

As RIA Novosti reports, Assad expressed confidence that the Syrians have enough strength to independently rebuild the country.

“No money – we’ll borrow from our friends, from Syrians living abroad, from our treasury. We are not worried about this. Perhaps the restoration of Syria will take more time, but nevertheless there is no cause for concern, “he said.

Earlier, Iranian President Hasan Rukhani promised Assad assistance in rebuilding Syria after the fighting.

Beijing also sees a double opportunity in the rebuilding this war-torn country. One is to to extend its new Silk Road and OBOR, and also to expand its economic and political influence westward which is only natural given its export economy.

President Xi Jinping’s efforts to build a Silk Road have to deal with Syria’s seven-year civil war, which interferes with development and stability at the crossroads to Eurasia, Africa, and the Middle East. So Beijing has been vying to assure the war-torn country to be first considered for rebuilding, even before the conflict has ceased.

The Syrian government is determined to move ahead with rebuilding without the US, but it will need international help which will come at an estimated $250 billion cost overall. The door is closed to the “Friends of Syria” coalition—notably the United States, Canada, France, and Britain—which have frozen $9.6 billion in pledged funding until a political transition “away from Assad” is on track. In the U.S., the proposed “No Assistance for Assad Act” would have effectively prohibited financial assistance for reconstruction in areas under the control of the Syrian government. That this stands in the face of international law (what international law?) is irrelevant.

Now that Assad has made it clear who is excluded from redevelopment, how Turkey will angle its negotiation will figure prominently. Ideally, Syria will once again govern those lands presently under Turkish military occupation.


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  • imbroglio

    Pres. Assad has said : Iran and Russia will help to rebuild country.

  • experience

    Loan? I don’t think so. The western states are guilty of attempting to destroy a sovereign nation which did not pose a threat to anyone. They should be forced to give money as compensation which Syria will use as it pleases, no terms. And I mean a lot of money if you consider what went down all these years in Syria and other places including Europe, with the terrorist attacks for which the West is also responsible by helping to strengthen the terrorists in the hope of overthrowing Assad

  • freegypsyman

    the Syrian people should insert the ban and further claims against Western terror supporters in the upcoming debate on the next constitution reform.

    e.g. they may draft a proposal to exclude any Western or any other country which has directly (US UK France Saudi, Quatar) or indirectly Germany, many other EU countries) supported acts of terror or destabilisation, for at least the time until they compensate fully for their aggression and devastating actions against assets plus a gross compensation for the moral and human damage.

    they may propose a clause in the constitution, that a commission of intl recognised experts shall be formed for facts finding and in order to estimate the intangible and tangible damage.

    they may also propose a clause in the constitution to form a public fund where all compensation are to be collected on behalf of the Syrian people.

  • Chaos Spinning


  • ziad

    if there is real justice then syria should sue the west for reparations and no loans or any kind of contract or deal,,those who destroyed the country will never be allowed to profit from there crimes

  • Ray

    Mr Assad is not as stupid like many others around the world, if he let anyone come to Syria and say they are helping to rebuild, it would be tragic to let them.
    First of all it would not be free, they would give loans, appropriated by the banks, more so the IMF and world bank, this would then put the country in the hands of those who want to rape and pillage, thanks to Mr Assad he can see right though the scam.

  • jabirujoe .

    Surely those who helped in the “de-construction” of Syria should be allowed to participate in the the “re-construction” of Syria. I think it’s called paying reparations.

    • hummingbird

      Too many strings attached.

  • freegypsyman

    Syria should not only ban the Western terrorist supporters but to initiate multiple claims regarding

    – damage compensation,
    – massive breach of intl law,
    – their support of robbery and fraud against Syrian people,
    – their support of mass kidnapping and human trafficking, in particular against Merkel (immigration as a weapon)

    • Trauma2000

      Totally endorse this. See my post above re International Court.

      There is mountains of evidence that can be used to prosecute this case; in particular against U.$, UK, Saudi, France, Australia and Turkey.

  • Jose Antonio Garrido Peña

    Bashar count on me

  • lene johansen

    Very good Assad.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Its against International law to deny International Investment and Development banks access to a country to help innocent poor citizens especially hungry children who needs loans.
    IMF and ECB has a RTP, Responsibility To Protect, countries in need of loans with reasonable usury. Assad cant deny the Syrians that.

    Thats why our US Marines have settled in military bases in 1/3 of Syria to secure the Syrians get the Western bank loans they need.

    • ziad

      lmao,,you realize how obvious of an americunt troll you sound and how pathetic ?

    • Sharon Marlowe

      You’re quite insane.

      • Stephan Williams

        Tommy’s a satirist. He grows on you…

        • Sharon Marlowe


        • Marko

          Whether he’s sincere or a satirist , when he throws out shit we have to make him eat it. Otherwise , the newbies just get misled and confused.

  • spoint

    This is always a catch in the jew run west. Don’t get catched.

  • daveycrockett

    First on the list of banned ngo’s and banned money sources to Syria has to be the multi headed hydra snake named Soros. I’m sure Assad is well aware.

  • hummingbird

    He definitely knows how to hurt the western warmongers. I am glad!