Iran warned Kim Jong-un before meeting with Trump

On the eve of the long-awaited meeting between the leaders of the United States and North Korea, Iran’s Foreign Ministry urged Pyongyang to “exercise complete vigilance” in dealing with US President Donald Trump.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un should be aware of Trump’s “America First” agenda and his tendency to betray agreements when they talk about denuclearization, Tehran warned the long sanctioned North Korean state.

“Washington has continued to sabotage international agreements and unilaterally withdraw from them,” said Bahram Qassemi, a spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry, referring to Trump’s mercurial approach “since he took office.”

Kim Jong-un should remain “fairly vigilant,” said Qassemi, noting Trump’s notorious withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran. Having learned the hard way, the diplomat emphasized that Tehran was rather “pessimistic about American behavior.”

“The US has a history of sabotage, violation and withdrawal in relation to international bilateral and multilateral commitments,” the spokesperson said.

Trump’s disrespect for the 2015 agreement with Iran, known as the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA), along with its withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement in 2015, and the current trade war with Europe have led Germany, the United Kingdom and France to seriously question the transatlantic link.

After having their patience tested, France’s Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire questioned whether Europe intended to remain “vassals who obey decisions taken by the United States,” or have its own independent decision making.

European leaders were stunned by Washington’s latest coup when the US imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum products from the European Union (EU), Mexico and Canada, which went into effect on June 1. The EU, Mexico and Canada promised to retaliate.

Trump’s most recent withdrawal took place at the G7 summit in Quebec, where he decided not to endorse the joint statement as he attacked host Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for being “very dishonest and weak.” However, in this instance, there were more factors surrounding the move, and from the perspective of the Trump team, it was Trudeau who made an unpredictable statement which did not reflect the entirety of the situation.

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  • John Mason

    The signing of the documents is just a show for the world to see. Those documents were written over a period of time and many agreements, negotiations had to take place. Seems like Russia and China had a lot to do with it and Trumps government had secret behind closed doors meetings to decide what was going to be signed.
    All this drama and media exposure, waste of money since the ‘deal’ was done long time ago.
    So what is in the documents? Anyone?

    • anon12309846

      Like the deal with Iran?At least I agree with your first sentence.