CHAOS UKRAINE 18+: VIDEO of SBU and Neo-Nazis in major shoot-out

Circulating the web is a video, linked below of a bloody showdown between neo-Nazi militants and the SBU special forces. It occurred during an attempt to disarm the next neo-Nazi formation at their base.

The record shows how the special forces unit of the SBU, under the cover of armored personnel carriers, approaches the wall of the Nazi building, covered by a camouflage net, it shows flags – Right Sector and Ukrainian bi-color. From the roof, a machine gunner aims at counterintelligence.

Then shots are heard, shouting which is addressed to “Bandera”, and in the next frames the SBU tries to find out from the seized “right-wing” who exactly shot. He declares that this is not him. It can be seen that the Nazi was beaten off-screen – his face in the blood, then continued to be beaten during the shooting.

The story of this clash could be related to the case that occurred on July 15, when the SBU special group went on assignment to disarm the Right Sector unit, but on the way the servicemen of the 23rd battalion of the 56th separate motorized infantry brigade were blown up on a controlled land mine.

This incident, which, in all likelihood, was not attributed to the army of the Donbass Republic or the LPR, provoked sharp bitterness in the confrontation between the military and neo-Nazis.

The exact time and place of the shooting is unknown. Background frames make it possible to say with confidence that they were filmed in the summer.


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  • Walter

    Time for Ukraine to realize that their enemies are the neo-nazis supported by Jewish oligarchs and the Jews who run the government. Get rid of both groups. Time to return to a friendly relationship with Russians. You are the same people .

    • tiredofthemedialies

      If they are the same people, then why do more than 30% of Ukrops want to continue the illegal war until Novorossiya surrenders?
      Obviously, approximately one in three are different..

      • Tudor Miron

        That’s just the result of CIA propoganda work that continues from 1940s and was greatly intensified in 1990s. So yes, lots of Ukrainian youth is brain washed but that doesn’t make them different nation – they are still us. NWO managed to saw that rift between brothers and Ukraine is paying heavy price right now but it will pass (it will take time).
        One more thing to notice – in that video, all speak Russian and that’s telling.

  • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

    Gee, don’t we all love European values, ah from the 1930s???
    This Neo-Nazi infection will destroy Ukraine.

  • L Garou

    I bet they’re really looking forward to Smerch..

  • Jeth Roderet

    Hahaha, this is almost as good as the terrorist-infighting in Idlib.

  • dan kopfz

    Good news.

    Ukraine had to start eliminating the neo-nazis eventually, now that they’ve worn out their usefulness.

    • Garry Compton

      If nothing else – a Good Show for the West politicians that ” were” concerned.

  • Quinberg

    Whats going on in ukraine? wtf? Ukraine is fucked up….hahahahaha

  • James

    Good to see a bit of in-fighting between them!

  • Dax

    Ukrainian neo nazi = Shabbos Goy