“Trump damages NATO more than USSR” – Russophobe Michael McFaul

STANFORD, California  – US President Donald Trump has done more damage to NATO within 18 months of his presidency than Soviet and US leaders in the past 70 years, said former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul.

Trump is attending a two-day NATO meeting in Brussels, which began on Wednesday.

“Trump has done more damage to NATO in 18 months than Soviet & Russian leaders achieved in 7 decades. Why?” McFaul wrote on his Twitter page.

The former ambassador also pointed out that Trump’s attacks on NATO were profitable for Russia and China, which benefit from the weakening of the organization on the international scene.



“Trump’s attacks on NATO benefit both [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and [Chinese President] Xi [Jinping]. Our allies in the Pacific are following these events in those countries,” added McFaul.

Since taking office in January 2017, Trump has been pushing for other NATO members to increase spending, stating that several other states in the world must meet their annual defense spending obligations in the alliance.

He believes that the US is hurt by paying off most of the expenses. The same discourse has been applied to other international organizations, such as the UN, and repeats the jargon of “America first”, the hallmark of its government in trade relations.

FRN reveals, however that McFaul has been repeatedly noted for his Russophobic chauvinism and levels of hate speech and bigotry not allowed in the Western world’s mainstream press unless directed at Russia.

As a public representative of the Deep State and Neo-conservative foreign policy, McFaul’s attacks on Trump either mean that Trump is legitimately at odds with the Neo-conservative foreign policy, or a very convincing psychological operation is underway upon the American people, and foreign leaders, in order to placate their real urging for a winding down of the US Empire. 

However, many NATO members are also beginning to question why the alliance still exists as its purpose was to counter communist efforts, particular the Soviet Union, from expanding in Europe. The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and therefore many members, and critics of the alliance, continually question why it should continue to exist, let alone commit 2% of its GDP towards it.

Trump certainly is up to ‘something‘ – what that is, is a matter of hot debate. His insistence that other NATO members increase their share of spending at times seems very much like an attempt to call attention to the 800 pound Gorilla in the room: namely, that NATO is largely unpopular among European masses, and many even consider it to be essentially a US occupational force under the pretext of ‘liberation’ and later ‘protection from Communism’ which simply hasn’t left since WWII, or since the collapse of the USSR. 

Is Trump trying to troll European media to point out, more and more publicly, that the EU also doesn’t care very much for NATO?  Meanwhile, the EU has made increasingly bold moves to establish an EU Army independent of NATO, as FRN has covered in real time.

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