ALL EYES ON SYRIA: Terrorists announce counter-offensive against SAA in Idlib

The U.S appears likely to attempt a chemical weapons 'false flag'

“Jihadist groups in Syria have announced they are preparing a military offensive against government troops and reject dialogue with the government,” said the head of the Russian Reconciliation Center, Maj. Gen. Aleksei Tsigankov.

“The leaders of the al-Nusra Front, the National Liberation Front and the Liberation Front of Syria openly announced preparations for an offensive against government troops and declared their rejection of a dialogue for a conflict,” the military official said.

This means that Turkish efforts have failed, or that efforts to bring Turkey in line, have failed. Supply lines to al-Nusra terrorists depend primarily upon Turkey, or areas in Syria mostly controlled by Turkey. At the same time, it ialso possible that US controlled terror groups acting in the Afrin area, with supplies coming from ‘SDF’ (US) held Raqqa, are working beyond the reach of Turkish military units in Afrin. There are few other ways that al-Nusra terrorists holding Idlib can be resupplied, or have any confidence that they can hold off the coming liberation of Idlib at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army.

See map:

Meanwhile, the US’s John Bolton said publicly today that ‘if’ the Syrian government uses chemical weapons against Idlib, there will be ”major consequences”. The pieces are starting to fit together all too easily.

The U.S appears likely to attempt a chemical weapons ‘false flag’.

Tsigankov reiterated the Russian Center for Reconciliation’s called for extremists to renounce armed provocations and return to a quest for a peaceful solution to resolve the situation in areas of their control.
Idlib province was occupied in 2015 by terrorist groups who mobilized in Turkey and launched a major offensive against Syrian Army positions.

Under the reconciliation agreements, members of radical groups who refused to surrender in Aleppo, Homs and Eastern Ghouta were evacuated to the region.

During the tenth round of consultations in Astana held in late July in Sochi, Bashar Jaafari, head of the Damascus delegation and Syrian ambassador to the UN, said that the Syrian government reserves the right to use military force to recover Idlib province if its occupants reject reconciliation.

Meanwhile, Ayman al-Asimi, the official representative of the opposition delegation, said the Syrian opposition could renounce the political agreement if Damascus met its threats regarding Idlib.

Asimi’s statement comes as jihadists detained more than 500 supporters who want a dialogue with Damascus in the last two weeks.

Tsygankov, said on Tuesday that the fate of most detainees remains unknown.

“Arrests of supporters of the political dialogue with Damascus between the local population and opposition commanders in the territory of the Idlib security zone continue have occurred. The number of citizens detained by militants of radical groups is already over 500. The detainees were taken to an unknown destination , the fate of most of them is unknown,” Tsygankov said at a news conference.

Read our in depth coverage of the general scenario here: SAA Prepares for Idlib’s Liberation.

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  • Tommy Jensen

    The evil and atrocities of Great Satan knows no bound.

    De Gaulle has the guts, being the only European who frequently gave US an well deserved uppercut to keep them in place.

    • Bessarabyn

      He threw NATziO out from Paris. Belgian imperialist suckers took it. Bruxelles brule-t-elle ?

  • heraldmage

    It’s time for Turkey to pick a side. No more setting on the fence. Either your with your neighbors and those who will support your sovereignty & economy or your with the US supported terrorists/ mercenary opposition armies & are willing to submit to US demands.

    • Mr.Joe

      Trying to tell the Turks to choose a side equates to telling a Jew to renounce all worldy possessions and status. You’ll probably be more likely to squeeze water out of a rock instead.

  • dan kopfz

    If I were planning for the liberation of a heavily fortified region such as Idlib, I’d be aiming to trick the entrenched enemy into offensives where air power and artillery could be effectively used. This can be achieved in lots of ways, such as a short push that appears to leave a small force over-extended. When the terrorists come steaming in, they find a region completely abandoned, and themselves in a kill zone. Or by create what appears like weak points in a front line, where terrorists believe they can score a moral victory.

    News that the terrorists are going on the offensive is good news.

  • Le Ruse

    Above photo of cannon fodders for the Satan’s chosen tribe ??

    • Bessarabyn

      yeah, Nato’s boots on the ground.

  • Anonymous