‘The Ukrainian army is about to collapse’, says former Ukrainian Colonel

The Ukrainian military has never been able to turn into a battle-worthy army of the modern type, which the Ukrainian experts hoped for in 2014.

Regarding this, a correspondent for”Political Navigator” got these comments and others from retired colonel, ex-officer of the General Staff of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, Oleg Zhdanov, whose opinion is cited by the Kiev magazine “Focus”. (see image)

Oleg Zhdanov

“I had hopes that the volunteer battalions formed in 2014 and the newly created National Guard would form the basis of a fundamentally new system for building an army of the modern type. But this did not happen. Now the situation is close to the one that was in 2013, “


According to him, NATO experts at the request of Ukraine developed a strategic defense bulletin – a concept paper that describes the military reform in Ukraine and which was handed over to President Poroshenko.

The benefit of the circumstances was that he could not not sign it. But the document is still on the table with the chief of the General Staff. Ukraine does not even have a reform plan yet. We do not know which army we are building-the Swiss version, the American one, the Israeli oneThe goals of this process are also unknown, Zhdanov admits. “The reforms are similar to the painting of a wooden rotten fence: it is about to collapse, and we are trying to update it – then we change the shoulder straps, then the badges, then the berets.”

The Ukrainian army has gone through a series of cosmetic changes, ‘upgrading’ the equipment of their personnel, de-‘Sovietizing’ their appearance, which normally is supposed to refer to the marshal tradition being adhered to through military doctrine. In reality, they’ve simply put a lot of mid-range quality ‘special forces looking‘ gear on regular army soldiers, without the real hardware, tactics, or training required to win a conflict.

But instead, the Ukrainian army has made ‘DIY’ adaptations of regular cars and vehicles, having lost much of their better equipment in a series of military blunders.


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