Russia tries again to bring Kabul to table with Taliban to resolve U.S occupation of Afghanistan which uses ISIS and Al Qaeda as pretexts

Moscow hopes that representatives of the Taliban movement will participate in further consultations around the conflict situation in Afghanistan. It is expected that a round of talks will take place later this year, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov said on Monday.

Morgulov said the Taliban was ready to participate in September but that the Russian government hopes they will be ready even if negotiations take place later. The diplomat also confirmed that Moscow expects the meeting to take place by the end of 2018.

Moscow had a failed attempt to hold talks on Afghanistan in early September and postponed the meeting after Kabul refused to appear. One of the goals was to bring together the Taliban leaders alongside Kabul government officials, in order to create a final resolution on the US occupation, the synthetic conflict wherein the US supports and finances the very ISIS/Al Qaeda outfits they claim to fight, in order to justify their continued occupation of Afghanistan. The country is rich in natural and mineral resources, such as lithium which is used to make batteries for rechargeable electronic devices, cell phones and notebooks. It is also a producer of opium, which the US controls and markets.  

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said earlier on Monday that dialogue with the Taliban, if successful, could promote stability in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has suffered from an unstable political situation, which is reflected in social and security problems in the country. These issues are direct consequences of the Taliban’s insurgency, which adds to the violence of several terrorist groups in the country, including ISIS.

This comes as Taliban fighters killed nearly 60 members of Afghanistan’s beleaguered security forces in a spate of attacks across the country’s north, officials said Monday, as diplomatic efforts to end the 17-year war intensify, according to Yahoo7.

Heavy fighting overnight in four provinces followed a wave of violence across the war-torn country in recent weeks that has left hundreds of civilians, police and soldiers dead, the report continued.

After seizing a military base in Sar-e-Pul, Taliban fighters were threatening the provincial capital in a situation that could result in “disaster” if reinforcements were not sent, the area’s police chief Abdul Qayom Baqizoy warned.

Baqizoy compared the threat to the Taliban’s extraordinary raid last month on the provincial capital of Ghazni — fighters held large parts of the city located just two hours from Kabul for days.

At least 17 security forces have been killed near Sar-e-Pul city after militants seized a checkpoint in Sayyad district and burned it to the ground, provincial governor Zahir Wahdat told journalists Monday.

Air support has been called in, he said. About 39 Taliban fighters have been killed and 14 wounded.

“The fighting is still ongoing near the city and the central government is going to send more reinforcements soon,” Wahdat said.

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  • Natural_Texan

    If an article with these details describing US deception and crimes were to be shown on Fox or CNN many (talking) heads in America would explode.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Kabul gets dollares and Moscow has no dollares and Taleban has no dollares………..LOL.

    So why should Kabul meet to make peace for Taleban and Moscow??? Tell me that boys.

    • anon12309846

      I doubt Russia would have any difficulty printing dollars, if they wanted to.