What Can the New Laser Modification for the Russian Mi-35M Helicopters Actually Do?

Russian Mi-35 helicopters are taking advantage of the great popularity in the international arms markets. Success is demonstrated by the unprecedented capabilities demonstrated by aircraft in actual combat, including in Syria and Iraq.

Video, prior to modification

But it can always be improved further, so Russian engineers continue to perfect Mi-35M helicopters. Recently, they equipped these “flying tanks” with the powerful Vikhr-M laser guided missile system. How does this news improve the capabilities of the helicopter?

Thanks to the installation of this “long arm”, as described by the Rossiiskaya gazeta newspaper , the helicopter now has the possibility of eliminating the most protected tanks up to 10 kilometers.

“Of course, in addition to annihilating armored vehicles, this high precision weapon can be used to carry out ‘surgical’ attacks on other enemy targets,” Russian media reports, noting that the observation and precision system, called OPS -24N-1L, guarantees the effective use of this weapon.

In addition, Mi-35M – the modernized version of the helicopter – uses Igla-S guided air-to-air missiles against helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles of different types and aircraft flying at low altitudes.

To protect itself, the helicopter has the defensive system President-S35, able to neutralize enemy weapons. Thanks to its two 2,200 horsepower engines, the Mi-35M can reach top speed of 300 km / h. In addition, the helicopter can fly up to 460 kilometers, being able to fly twice as much if it is equipped with four fuel tanks. The Russian consortium Vertolyoty Rossii (Russian Helicopters) exhibited their Mi-35M and Mi-35P for the first time at the International Military Forum ARMY 2018, held August 21-26.

State tests of the brand-new Mi-28NM combat helicopters will involve three vehicles, said Rostec’s aviation industry chief Anatoly Serdyukov during the Gidroaviasalon-2018 exhibition.

“At the time of the contact signed at the end of last year, [the company] Vertolyoty Rossii [Russian Helicopters] will deliver to the Ministry of Defense an initial lot with two other vehicles,” the announcement said.
Recently, Vertolyoty Rossii managing director Andrei Boginsky said the first batch of “Night Hunters”, Mi-28NM helicopters, would be delivered to troops by November.

When creating the Mi-28NM, the builders took into account the experts’ experience regarding the Mi-28UB. In the cockpit was installed a second steering complex. In addition, the helicopter is equipped with a new modernized navigation system, the cockpit of the crew is heavily armored, which guarantees the defense against ammunition up to 20 mm caliber.

In fact, onboard the new helicopter pilots will be able to receive more complete and accessible information about the surrounding environment and operation of all aircraft systems, which will facilitate cooperation and accelerate decision-making in combat situations.

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