Cooperation With Russia to be Top Priority in Mexico, says Ambassador

Published on: Oct 31, 2018 @ 15:17 – Mexico’s President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador sees cooperation with Russia as one of his priorities in foreign policy, according to Russian ambassador to Mexico, Viktor Koronelli.

“We expect to continue [Russia-Mexico] cooperation with the government of Lopez Obrador. There is no other option. I already had the honor to meet with the president-elect and he confirmed that the relations with Russia would be among his priorities,” Koronelli told reporters on Tuesday.

The ambassador stressed that López Obrador was also interested in abolishing visa requirements for travel between the two countries, adding that Russia has always seen Mexico as one of its main partners in Latin America.

Lopez Obrador, who won the presidential elections in July, will take the oath of office on December 1.

Meanwhile, the director general of the Mexican investment and international cooperation agency Promexico, Paulo Carreno, confirmed on Tuesday that Mexico planned to assemble Russian helicopters.

“Soon Mexico can start assembling Russian helicopters here,” Carreno said during the visit of a Russian business mission to Mexico organized by the Russian Export Center. “We don’t have exact information about the beginning of the assembly, we are waiting for the companies themselves to announce this, and then we will be able to join and assist this process.”

In turn, Russian Deputy Trade Minister Alexey Gruzdev also confirmed that such work was underway.

“There are specific steps. Now we are working through an agent to validate the certificate, in particular, we are talking about the Ansat helicopter,” Gruzdev told reporters in Mexico City.

Russia is also ready to supply Mexico with equipment for oil extraction and refining, Gruzdev noted.

“Russia has made a big step forward in the development of its own unique technologies, including the extraction and in-depth processing of raw materials. We are ready to offer Mexico integrated solutions and appropriate equipment,” Gruzdev told reporters. “We also propose to launch joint work in development of small energy using Russian gas-turbine and combined-cycle plants.”

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  • Jeff Z

    How about a new Russian base(s)? Nice warm place to dock the subs. See how the Empire, Inc likes it.

    • jo6pac

      My thought also and maybe an air base for those big bombers;-)

  • heraldmage

    I had heard that in the new NAFTA replacement that the US has to approve Mexican & Canadian trade partnerships.
    I guess that’s the part they are still negotiating. Apparently, the new agreement isn’t as done a deal as Trump made out. Like the deal with he made with China.

  • John C Carleton

    Think Russia could send transports for the half of Mexico gentuza which is in the North American States?

    As Mexico is going to be buddies with Russia, seems Russia should take their several million gentuza, feed em, cloth em, give them free food, free housing, free medical care, allow them to rape the Russian children and women for a change, steal the Russians cars, and stuff, while waving the Mexico flag,

    • Proton

      The US is becoming browner by the day and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it Johnny! Your daughters or granddaughters (if you have them) will marry and procreate with latinos.. Enjoy! ;))

  • Garry Compton

    If this were to be factual and Mexico let a Russian company start building helicopters, this would be really big. Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and maybe a few other Latin American countries would get Russian/ Chinese support – at their doorstep. I’d have to see this in order to believe it , since now this is out , the wheelbarrows full of Gringo Dollares will be shipped to the Mexican presidente and his commerce boys.