Gov-Backed Ukrainian Nazis Resolve to Ethnically Cleanse Donbass as Croats did to Serbs

If there was any doubt that the misanthropy of the U.S sponsored, ‘Gladio B’ project in Ukraine was not simply incidentally genocidal, clarity comes from reading the words of the Azov Battalion leadership itself. The Azov Battalion is an openly Nazi ‘paramilitary’ organization which is legally recognized by Ukraine, and which is only half-incorporated – against the Minsk Agreement – into the Ukrainian military itself. FRN reminds readers that their Nazi era hand salute and slogan ‘Slava Ukraina’, has recently become the official military salute in Ukraine, after a resolution passed in the Rada.

Concretely, what has been proposed now is that Ukraine should undertake a military operation of ethnic cleansing against the Donbass, similar to the expulsion of the ‘disloyal population’ from the Serb Krajina in Croatia. Azov continues to pressure the government of Poroshenko, and SBU forces have also come into open conflict with Nazi outfits, despite their symbiotic relationship. Such mirrors intentional destabilization scenarios seen in places like Libya and Syria. 

The plan to ethnically cleanse the Donbass was announced during a press conference on the theme “A Croatian scenario for Ukraine” by the speaker of the “National Corpus” – the political wing of the Azov Battalion, Alexander Alferov. He explains:

“The powers that be (Poroshenko) are completely satisfied with the current situation. Pro-government media today speak in unison about the scenario, which is closer, rather, not to the Croatian, but to the German, when part of the country was 40 years old or more occupied by Soviet troops, and only after its destruction did the real unification of two parts of Germany take place.

We understand that such a scenario is shifting the problem of liberation of Donbass and Crimea to the next generation. Pulling off this process, we can only complicate it.

So, we are not in favor of the German scenario proposed by the authorities, we are also against a similar to the Transnistrian scenario, which Russia is de facto promoting, we suggest focusing on a Croatian-like scenario,”

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  • Tommy Jensen

    Fight back!
    Why the passivity and crybaby mentality…………..”they are so and so evil”?
    Send a batallion into Ukraine and cleanse ethnically the nazis big mouths straight away. Its that easy man!

  • lina

    The author is conveniently forgetting that Russians supported Croats throughout the war and even decorated with a medal the Croatian ustasa (meaning fascist) leader Franjo Tudjman right
    after the massive ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Serbs from their
    ancestral lands. In 2005 Putin did the same thing by honoring another ustasa Stipe Mesic with the medal for (believe it or not) struggle against fascism. Why this propaganda outlet is never straightforward?

  • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

    Hopefully, all these Neo-Nazi murderers and their US/EU/NATO gangster supporters can attempt the ethnic cleansing of the Donbass. The more the better.
    Then, the Donbass people, backed up by their brave Russian neighbours, fully supported by the RF military (unless Putin wants to have early retirement), can teach these vile Neo-Nazis and their gangster backers, a lesson they will never forget.
    It will be a re-run of the 1943-44 events.
    The only question will be just how far the counter-attack will go.
    Clear all of Donbass, surely? Or go all the way to Kiev and Odessa to liberate all of Novorussia and then expel Galicia itself and Neo-Nazi infected Euromaidan freaks to the Neo-Nazi backers in the EU?

    • Nikos Yiasou

      God grant that this is so. Down with Ukrainian fascism!

    • tiredofthemedialies

      not at all likely. The price of gas and fuel is only rising. Gas and oil oligarchs have no incentive to cause waves, as before. Follow the money.

  • cory

    It’s time for Russia to openly support those in the Donbass who want nothing more than to live in peace, I say OPENLY so that those who are comitting atrocities on civilians on a daily basis
    know there will be a reconning, in due course.