By Rostislav Ischenko
As FRN has previously noted, the most likely solution that will solve the problem of a Western infiltrated, controlled Synod of Constantinople in the figure of Bartholomew, will be a transfer of civil, secular, administrative control of Istanbul to a ‘Union City-State’ governed by majority Orthodox countries. The city will be re-Christened as Constantinople of Tsargrad.  Militarily, diplomatically, or politically, this would require significant efforts on the part of Russia and acquiescence on the part of Turkey. It may also provide a new possibility to bring in disparate Roman Catholic groups no longer in communion with the Vatican subsequent to Vatican II. It would also provide for the Oriental Orthodox Church, prominently the Armenian, to also be involved. Such an ecumenism could therefore occur simultaneously with the final liberation of Constantinople – J. Flores
By Rostislav Ischenko – Bartholomew met our expectations. Instead of a tomos about autocephaly, naive Kiev fighters against the Russian world and the Third Rome received the restoration of the Stavropigii of the Constantinople Patriarchate in Ukraine
That is, anyone who does not like the absolute autonomy of the UOC-MP, which is independent in personnel, financial, property matters, is completely self-governing, and it also has a significant weight in the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church (that is, it’s not the Russian Orthodox Church that governs the UOC, but the UOC controls the Russian Orthodox Church) Welcome to the direct submission to Constantinople. Bartholomew will personally decide who is worthy of what dignity, who should be appointed to which diocese, and he will be in charge of finances independently.But Bartholomew and the Synod of Constantinople Patriarchate supporting him throughout went much further. The anathema imposed by the ROC was removed from the so-called patriarch of the UOC-KP Filaret and the de facto recognized canonicity of both the UOC-KP and the UAOC — the schismatic Ukrainian pseudo-church.

This is the main, most dangerous and not at all obligatory step taken by Constantinople. Work on the creation in Ukraine of a subordinate Constantinople patriarchy structure, which could be given an autocephaly, Bartholomew could, without removing the anathema from Filaret , without recognizing the schismatics. It was reasonable to hold this argument, both for negotiations with the Moscow Patriarchate and for influencing the internal situation in self-appointed churches. Nevertheless, Bartholomew laid him on the table, cutting off his own ways to the possibility of settling relations with Moscow.

Constantinople is in a hurry to start a war. On the one hand, this indicates a lack of confidence in the fact that the window of opportunity that has opened up for him in Ukraine will be open for a long time. Let me remind you that Poroshenko did not show any interest in autocephaly during the first three and a half years of his reign. She interested him only as an electoral technology. There is no guarantee that after the completion of the electoral cycle, Ukrainian politicians would be equally favorably disposed towards the claims of Constantinople. Let me remind you that instead of asking for autocephaly, Bartholomew set out to establish his tight control over Ukrainian Orthodoxy.On the other hand, and this is much more important, Bartholomew took advantage of the situation to go far beyond the limits of the Ukrainian crisis itself. He declared (and was in this supported by the Synod of Constantinople) his right to the sole authority in the whole Orthodox world, a kind of Orthodox papacy. By initiating a tough conflict with the ROC (and removing the anathema to which Bartholomew did not have canonical rights, and accepting the anathematized Filaret to communicate anathema to Bartholomew himself), Constantinople leads world Orthodoxy away from discussing Bartholomews’s ambitions, forcing the local churches to decide who they are with – Constantinople or with Moscow. At the same time, there is a threat of a split not only of world Orthodoxy, when part of the local churches support Constantinople, and some – of Moscow, but also splits in each individual church, Cyril .

These multiple splits are also dangerous because they will destabilize the situation in those states where these churches operate. In other words, we are talking about destabilization of the situation and provocation of religious conflicts not only in Ukraine, but in Eastern Europe, in particular in the Balkans, in North Africa, in Asia Minor and the Levant. If civil religious armed conflicts encompass this region, a big war will almost immediately knock on the doors of humanity. After all, some will be blamed for the destabilization of Bartholomew and the United States, while others will be accused of the Russian Orthodox Church and Moscow.

The main crime of Bartholomew before humanity is that, having provoked a crisis fraught with civil and interstate military conflicts (including long-lasting, high intensity), the Patriarchate of Constantinople deprived the political structures of Russia, the USA, the EU of control over the unfolding events. But he did not acquire such control either.Escalation should increase automatically, and in an explosive manner. In this case, the de-escalation mechanism is completely absent. Even if one imagines the impossible — the complete and unconditional surrender of the Russian Orthodox Church to Bartholomew, even this move cannot lead to a de-escalation of the conflict, since separate hierarchs, priests, monasteries, and laymen will speak out against Bartholomew and his “patriarchy”.

The possibility of avoiding a conflict that, having begun as a purely religious one, will quickly develop into military-political clashes of the respective states (as well as within them), no longer exists. The only question is what scale it will take and how many countries it will cover, whether it will be possible to localize it within Ukraine.

It should be understood that the actions of Bartholomew are intentional – it was not difficult to calculate the possible answers, they lay on the surface. That is, he deliberately went to initiate bloodshed and the situation went out of control. He risked humanity for the sake of his ambitions, and the Synod of the Constantinople Patriarchate supported him in this. This means there was such a policy for a long time. The patriarch sometime, most likely soon enough, will change, but the political principles laid down on October 9-11, 2018 by Bartholomew and the Synod of the Constantinople Patriarchate will exist decades, if not centuries.

World Orthodoxy will never be the same as before the last Constantinople decisions. The new Great Schism took place, and it’s a fact that in a millennium it will still poison religious and political life. In the near future, a destabilization wave awaits a vast region, from the Carpathians and the Danube to the headwaters of the Nile and the shores of the Euphrates.But, of course, Ukraine will have to endure the first blow, the UOC, its Primate, the Most Blissful Metropolitan Onufry, who is the main defender of canonical Orthodoxy in Kiev and on which the fragile unity of the UOC-MP rests Everything that has happened in Ukraine so far is babbling compared to what is being prepared now. But Poroshenko, who initiated all this, will not be better, it will only get worse. Only an extremely limited, completely inadequate person could throw his country into a crisis fraught with civil religious war, whose development cannot be controlled.

However, as it was said, this crisis is so significant and dangerous, it covers such a number of countries that everyone will soon have no time for Poroshenko and his problems.


From – Translated by and for FRN
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  • Tommy Jensen

    Let worshippers leave and meet in small groups in private homes.
    Leave the churches empty and let the pharisees fight for organisation and goldschrines.

  • franz kafka

    I think that the Talmudo Satanists of the West have sealed their fate.

    They will be destroyed utterly.
    Satan should not mess with the One True Church.
    I was wondering what the Synagogue of Satan would do to seal their fate. This is it. Getting out my spiritual popcorn.

  • anon12309846

    The solution J. Flores describes seems to be one that would lead to a conflict between the RF and Turkey, something that goes in the opposite direction of what the Russian leadership have achieved/tried to achieve, a positive relationship with Turkey and prying it away from NATO.

    • J Flores

      Yes, seems to but doesn’t.

  • Ser Korz 123


  • Walter

    Russia is the leaderof Slavic Orthodox Christianity ,which is about 90% of Orthodox Christians.

    • Tommy Jensen

      There was a time, the communist times, where the church needed safety. The safety they maybe found in Constantinoble. Now times changes.
      Thats why church should never take sides in politics, but insist in religious independency notwithstanding country.