Washington: We Must Make it ‘PAINFULLY CLEAR’ That Iran Cannot Rival our Military Power

In his Foreign Affairs interview, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke of the start of President Donald Trump’s “a multi-pronged pressure campaign” against Iran, which he said was economic pressure and deterrence.

Pompeo made it clear that while Washington is not interested in triggering an armed conflict with Tehran, it will continue to exercise its military muscles.

“We do not seek war. But we must make painfully clear that escalation is a losing proposition for Iran; the Islamic Republic cannot match the United States’ military prowess, and we are not afraid to let Iran’s leaders know it,” Pompeo pointed out.

He quoted Trump as saying that large-scale pressure on Iran will continue to grow if Tehran “does not live up to the standards the United States and its partners and allies—and the Iranian people themselves—want to see.”

“The United States will continue its pressure campaign until Iran demonstrates tangible and sustained shifts in its policies. If Iran makes those shifts, the possibility of a new comprehensive agreement will greatly increase,” Pompeo said, in reference to the Iran nuclear deal, also known as the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which was abandoned by the US in May 2018.

Pompeo also stressed that Trump wants US allies and partners to support Washington’s actions when it comes to maintaining the pressure campaign against Iran which, he said, has already been welcomed by French President Emmanuel Macron and the German chancellor, Angela Merkel.

“This widespread agreement about the Iranian threat leaves no room for countries to remain ambivalent about whether to join the global effort to change Iran’s behavior, an effort that is big and getting bigger,” Pompeo said.

His remarks were made after Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif described Iran’s anti-Iranian sanctions as “utter disregard for rule of law and human rights of an entire people.”

Earlier, he said Tehran believed that “the world has come to the conclusion that the United States needs to quit its addiction to sanctions.”

Tensions between Tehran and Washington escalated after Donald Trump announced the unilateral exit of the United States from the Iranian nuclear deal in May and aimed to introduce sanctions against Iran. The first sanctions package was applied on August 7, the second, affecting the sale of oil and petroleum products, is expected to be introduced on November 4.

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    Pompous Pompeo……….much ado about nothing.