Turchynov Calls for New Kerch Strait Provocation With NATO Support

The secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksandr Turchynov, said that Ukraine plans to carry out a new passage of ships through the Kerch Strait with the involvement of international partners.

“This is, for us, fundamental. If we stop and retreat, Russia will actually fulfill its task of seizing the Sea of ​​Azov, presenting to the world certain new sea borders in the Black Sea, de facto legalizing the occupation of the Crimea,” he said in an interview with BBC Ukraine.

The secretary of the National Security and Defense Council stressed that this issue should not be delayed.

“We also offer our partners to take part in this passage from the Ukrainian Black Sea ports to the Ukrainian ports on the Azov coast,” added Turchinov.

According to him, Ukraine intends to invite representatives of the OSCE and other international organizations, including NATO, to take part in this passage.

“It would be very logical. That the NATO ships invited by us to the ports of the Sea of ​​Azov prove that Russia must reckon with international law. So far, our initiative has not received a response. But I hope that during the next passage of the Ukrainian warships through the Kerch Strait, they at least send their observers to us,” said Turchinov.

He also commented on the likelihood of Russia detaining representatives of NATO and the OSCE.

“When the attention of the leading countries of the world will be riveted on this issue, Russia will hold its tail and will not risk acting aggressively. But if we leave the situation that is unfolding around the Kerch Strait to the mercy of fate, if our sailors are not immediately released from captivity, then the civilized world will in fact recognize that Russia has the right to any aggression, to any changes in borders and will not be held responsible! ”, said Turchinov.


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  • Walter

    Turchinov is a preacher in one of those whacky fundamentalist churches. He looks nuts and most probably is nuts. When will Ukraine be ruled by Orthodox Christians?

  • AM Hants

    Worried the sailors will talk? Not much Ukraine or Nato can do, with regards access to the Sea, owing to geography.

  • tiredofthemedialies

    Turchinov the war criminal who let murderers and rapists free from Ukrop prisons to join ‘punitives’ Azov Aidar, and other psychopathic Banderast scum, to kill and torture innocent civllians in Novorossiya. Turchinov is one of the most obscene excuses for life on the planet..

  • Poposhenko

    Let’s see if this coward will join his marines on the ships.

  • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

    This from the same creature who launched the murderous “ATO” against the Donbass people, resulting in the deaths of 11,000 people. Let’s see if his “partners” will be stupid enough to take up the invitation to start WW3 and their own necks.

  • Rick E.

    Ukraine feels emboldened and aggressive, as they are counting on the USA and UK to back them up in whatever disruptive, illegal, and warmongering activities they plan on starting!
    I sincerely hope that Russia doesn’t bend over and get shafted one more time! They need to stay strong and not permit this to happen.

  • Master Oroko

    What a maniac.

    • R.W. Emerson II

      And, like his mentor, Adolf Hitler, he was spawned by the war-loving capitalists in the West.

      • Master Oroko

        I’m not a socialist or anything, but I have to admit, it seems that our governments creates a lot of war-loving maniacs.