Ukrainian Officer: I have Killed your Children and Will Kill MORE!

Texas Censored! Watch the video that YouTube PULLED from his channel in cynical abuse of TOS

Texas Censored! Watch a mirrored version of the video that YouTube PULLED from his channel in cynical abuse of TOS.

May 31, 2019

Watch the mirrored version of an excellent video produced by Russel ‘Texas’ Bonner Bentley last year, in which he gives meaningful commentary about a clip where a regular member of the Ukrainian Army brags about his misanthropic, murderous, ethnic cleansing war-crimes already committed, and brags about his desire to commit more.

In a cynical and twisted abuse of YouTube’s own Terms of Service, they pulled Texas’ critique of this video, on the grounds that it incited violence – even though he was critiquing and exposing it from the perspective of critical journalism.

The truth is that, as we have covered before, YouTube openly allows the actual Ukrainian Nazis of Azov (as does FaceBook) operate and promote their YouTube channels freely and openly, even though they are self-admitted Banderists.

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This is further evidence of the need for a break-up of the YouTube monopoly, and independent citizen oversight of such abuses of the public square.

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