MAJOR: Donbass battles – Ukraine’s military reports large losses in their ranks

DONBASS – There is no truce in the Donbass – in just six days, two trucks with seriously wounded Ukrainian occupiers arrived in Ukraine. Every day, the Ukrainian Armed Forces suffer great losses. This was reported by the militants of the “volunteer” Yusupova.

According to them, wounded punishers continue to arrive in Ukraine, and the authorities do not pay attention to it.

“For six days there are truck loads with wounded. Without legs, with shot-through bellies, with wounds to the head, with severe contusions, they do not hear anything, they barely walk, with splinter wounds all over their bodies. They say there is no truce, not even a hint of an improvement in the situation, ”she said.

The volunteers added that every day the Ukrainian Armed Forces militants are killed and wounded.

“I can’t look at the photos after the shooting, everything’s covered in dirt, my faces are tense, my nerves are on the edge. I’m going home, and life in Kiev is in full swing! At every step, advertising candidates, everywhere these nasty and licked muzzles, they are not interested in anything, except for the authorities, nothing!

You ask who comes from politicians to the hospital? Yes, no one! Neither your new president, who can not be determined – he is a patriot or a jacket, no old and new faces. Everyone just doesn’t care that the wounded from the front line are brought nearby, ” she said.

Today it was also reported that two servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces died, seven more people received burns of varying severity as a result of a dugout burning in the area of ​​the so-called “Combined Force Operation” (“EP”).

It is also worth noting that the DPR servicemen repeatedly called on the Ukrainian militants to observe the truce, but in response received new shelling.

Against the background of incessant shelling, Republican servicemen began returning fire to suppress the military positions of the Ukrainian invaders.

Yesterday, a video of a powerful strike by militias on the position of Ukrainian punishers near Marinka , from which the militants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces conducted shelling of Donetsk, was made public online. Also, another video of the coordinated work of the units of the Armed Forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic appeared. The footage captures how  the Donbass militias strike the position of the Ukrainian invaders with a precise blow , after which a fire breaks out at the destroyed position.

Earlier in the network another video was published  , where the liquidation of Ukrainian militants was captured. Also, a video of the liquidation of the Ukrainian militants who were masking the new position was made public. See FRN’s coverage of these events to watch them.

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