Rewriting history is an act of aggression. But what if it lasts for decades?

by Grey Carter

By Grey Carter – If the truth is the first casualty of any war, history is the casualty of  every criminal and unjust intention.

That’s easy to see through the school books for the Albanian students. 

A geography textbook that the Beta news agency has had a chance to see thus reads that “eastern Kosovo” was “given to Serbia” in this way, and that the same is true of the towns of Bar, Podgorica and Plav, which are part of Montenegro.

Further, the textbook marks Montenegrin towns of Ulcinj, Plav, Gusinje and Rožaje as “Albanian areas in Montenegro”.

Albania first emerged as a state in 1912 – however, the textbook claims that these areas were “until 1912 parts of the compact geopolitical whole of Albania”, which were “conquered by Montenegro in the wake of the Balkan Wars and the (Ottoman) Turks’ capitulation”.

The geography school book, on page 13, blames the Berlin Congress of 1878 for “making decisions at the expense of the Albanian people” by “unjustly giving Serbia the eastern part of Kosovo with Vranga (likely Vranje), and Bar, Podgorica and Gusinje to Montenegro”.

Kosovo is Albania. Montenegro is Albania. FYRO Macedonia is Albania. Serbia is Albania. 
Everything is Albania


Page 197: the Albanian students have a chance to learn geography through questions and exercises, which include the following:
“Point to Albanian regions in the area of Montenegro on the map”,
“How and when did these areas secede from the geopolitical space of Albania?”,
“What is the future of these areas and how can their economic and cultural condition be improved?”

The front page of the textbook shows a map of Albania with “Albanian areas” in Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, and Greece, as well as Kosovo. Besides Kosovo, another supposed “Albanian area” in Serbia is singled out – the region of Kurshumliya and the towns of Bujanovac , Medvedja and Preshevo.

ALBANIA teach their children that these territories do not belong to Serbia ( like Preševo, Medveđa, Bujanovac, Vranje) and that some areas, including the capital Podgorica, were unjustly taken from them and turned into Serbia or/and Montenegro.

The Albanian geography textbook for the fourth grade of secondary school marked as their territories also Ulcinj, Plav,  and Rozaje.

These areas (“Frontiers”, as their textbooks explain), have been a part of the Albanian state up to 1912. They named it the “part of the whole geopolitical compact Albania”  . ”After Balkan wars and the Turkish military capitulation, they have been conquered by Montenegro.”
The geography textbook on the 13. page says that the Berlin Congress in 1878. was “unjust and its decisions were brought in order to damage the Albanian people.”

This book was written by certain Albanian professor  Skender Rizaj, Albanian Academy of Intellectuals and Science’ member, published in Istanbul in 90 – is.


The Albanian books for their senior students are full of such incredible claims, too, just like the one posted above (there are more excerpts at the end of the text. You ‘ll see how they manipulate historical truth and facts in order to create the feeling of great  injustice and immoral  ”occupation” over something the Albanians have every right on )
( And where there is the consciousness about injustice and occupation, there’s a dream of liberation. Their masters are well aware and ready to use that illusion)

Albanians are made up of 3 different religions, Muslim, Orthodox & Catholic. The Orthodox & Catholic Albanians of the Balkans quickly and enthusiastically converted to Islam during the Ottoman occupation so as to make their lives easier. Thus selling your souls and becoming Ottoman subjects led to the overwhelming Albanian population in the Balkans becoming Muslim.
A further look at Albanian history reveals an eager alliance with Nazi Germany during WWII, again joining the occupiers, rather than fighting Hitler’s butchers. And had the Serbs of Serbia and Montenegro not been so generous after the Balkan War of 1912, the country of Albania would not exist today.
As someone said, the Albanians can rewrite all the history books they want, the civilized world will manage to learn and teach the truth.
I can’t say that I blame them though, with a history like theirs, I’d try to change it too.

As for Kosovo, as William Dorich wrote in his 1992 book, “Kosovo”


Kosovo permanently changed the face of Europe and altered history. Kosovo, 100 years before Columbus sailed for the New World, was a statement for religious freedom and the belief that no man had a right to rule another. Rather than to consent to become slaves to tyranny, the Serbs willingly gave their lives for their religious belief. Seldom in history have we witnessed such a commitment. The Serbs on the Kosovo Field not only paid with the staggering loss of 77,000 lives in one day of battle, but the Serbian nation suffered 500 years of Ottoman slavery as the consequence. Historians have never spoken of Kosovo as though it were an event in the past that will never happen again. Through the centuries, Serbian sacrifice and Kosovo have become synonymous.

The Serbian people have continually assumed that in every century they would again find it necessary to defend their rights to their land, self-determination, and freedom of worship. History in the Balkans continuously repeats itself! In 1690, more than 180,000 Serbs were forced from Kosovo and, again, an equal number were exiled in 1737. After the Congress of Berlin, in 1878, another 150,000 Serbs were expelled. This ongoing trend took on tragic proportions following the war in Crete between Turkey and Greece in 1897. Diplomatic efforts to stem the tide of atrocities against Serbs were useless, but documentation remains to testify to the crimes committed against the Serbian population. The Balkan war of 1912 was fought not only by Serbs but by Montenegrins, Bulgarians, and Greeks to liberate their people from centuries of uninterrupted Islamic aggression. The situation is little changed today.

To understand Kosovo, the American people need to compare the current Balkan crisis with its own American Civil War in which just 4% of the population lost their lives compared to Serbia who lost 52% of her adult male population in WWI and another 26% of her overall population in WWII. Readers of this forum need reminding that during the American Civil War it was the loyal Virginia citizens who refused to secede from the union and formed the state of West Virginia in 1863. Certainly, Serbs deserve the same rights to remain in their union, a union which was internationally recognized as a nation in 1878 at the Congress of Berlin.

Not a single head of state, nor any American president, senator, or humanitarian group raised their voices as 200,000 Serbs were “ethnically cleansed” from Kosovo in the last 2 decades. People should be asking, why are the Serbs destined to suffer and be persecuted?

—– end quote

Together with Serbs, their identity (which makes the sole essence of what Kosovo is and has always been),  the next in line to fall, obviously,  is the truth.



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