Strengthening ties: Brazil approaches Russia with another regional alliance

VITÓRIA – On Tuesday, another office of the Brazil-Russia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, was inaugurated. This time in the Brazilian city of Vitória in the city of Espírito Santo.

The Brazil-Russia Chamber of Commerce in Espírito Santo follows the example of other Brazilian states. There are already such bodies in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina, given a trend of trade relations between countries.

For Sergei Akopov, ambassador of the Russian Federation in Brazil, this is an event of significant importance because this type of relationship between internal regions of the two countries follows a more recent inclination.

“This shows an important trend, a prevailing tendency today, that economic and trade relations between our countries should develop along the lines of relations and direct contacts between regions, states,” said Akopov in an interview with Sputnik Brazil.

The ambassador emphasizes that this type of contact has aroused mutual interest, which opens doors before the BRICS summit, to be held on November 13 and 14 in Brasilia.

“We are feeling a great interest in developing commercial, economic, scientific, cultural ties between Brazil and its regions with Russia,” he added.

Akopov explains that Vitória has “very old and very traditional” trade relations with Russia.

“Russia imports from the state of Espírito Santo agricultural products – coffee, cocoa and sugar, meat, many other things,” he said, adding that marble is also a product exported from the state to Russia.

The ambassador also said that ties between Russia and Vitória extend culturally and religiously.

“The state of Espirito Santo will be the first place in Latin America – and in Brazil as well – where there will be a Russian Orthodox monastery,” he says.

Privileged position

In this window of opportunities highlighted by the Russian ambassador is the creation of the Brazil-Russia Chamber of Commerce. Brazilian lawyer Ulisses Borges de Resende, head of the firm, explained his assignments.

Resende underscores the potential of products recalled by Akopov and reinforces how Russia can contribute in return.

“At the same time, Russia produces agricultural inputs, advanced technology materials and the Chamber of Commerce will have this purpose of strengthening ties between Brazilian and Russian businessmen,” Resende pointed out.

The lawyer, however, explains that these business possibilities are still open, although there is already a north in relation to the focus sought.

“We are still in the talks phase. But the flagship will be on the issue of coffee, sugar and granite,” he explained.

Reiterating what Ambassador Akopov said, Resende explains that the creation of the organ has not only economic pretensions.

“The idea of ​​the Chamber of Commerce is to promote fairs, to promote businessmen meetings, to promote a culture exhibition that involves art, involves dance”, he pointed out.

The lawyer also points out that the geographical position of the state contributes to the development of activities envisaged in the Chamber of Commerce.

“The state of Espírito Santo has a privileged position in Brazil. It is there in the middle, is as close to the Northeast as other states of Southeast Brazil.”

Resende also points out that there are at least 4 ports taking Brazilian production through Espírito Santo, which opens up a range of possibilities for commercial activities with Russia .

“It is a state that reconciles this privileged geographical position so that we can cultivate and develop the growth of these fair and balanced exchanges between Brazilians and Russians,” he concluded.

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