SARS in Russia – Seven Chinese in hospitalized in Moscow

MOSCOW – On January 25, at about midnight in Moscow, seven Chinese citizens were hospitalized from the Art-Voikovskaya Hotel. Several ambulances arrived at the scene.

According to Mash, the foreigners themselves called an ambulance to the Art-Voikovskaya Hotel.

“One carriage arrived, but the doctors saw that they could not cope. 12 more brigades left. 7 Chinese citizens were hospitalized. Some have arrived recently, others have long been in our country, ”said the telegram channel.

Today, January 26, according to him, all Chinese patients from the Art-Voikovskaya Hotel were given a preliminary diagnosis of SARS. However, the final test result will be later.

“Another hotel guest was hospitalized. A preliminary diagnosis is a sore throat, but they will also check it, ” the channel specified.

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