Blind OSCE not really useless: OSCE on-site means the site won’t get bombarded

while the OSCE cars are nearby, there is a chance to deal with the rubble

Translator note: In June, 2014, there was coverage of Ukraine’s  attacks on Donetsk in the German press. Soon the western press got the memo, and coverage changed: the bombing was mentioned, but there was no admission of who was doing it, satirized here.  Now, a final step in the progression, as finally we see that even OSCE is part of the West’s propaganda machine.

“We didn’t see anything”: the OSCE, standing at the destroyed house, refused to record shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces
03/17/2020 15:29 432

Exclusive News Agency “Kharkov”

Employees of the OSCE monitoring mission are trying to ignore the obvious shelling of the settlements of Donbass by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. So, in the morning of March 17, Kiev security forces dealt another blow to the outskirts of Donetsk. As a result of the shelling by the Ukrainian security forces in the Kuybyshevsky district of the DPR capital, the gas pipeline and glazing of 36 windows of an apartment building on Marshal Zhukov Avenue, 15, were damaged.

It is noteworthy that literally immediately after the shelling, two vehicles of the OSCE monitoring mission arrived on scene. At the request of civilians, a group of journalists recording the consequences of the fire from the Armed Forces of Ukraine addressed the observers with the question: “Has any damage been put in the mission report?” The response from the organization was very unexpected.

“We do not have data on the shelling. We did not have such information. Where did you get the information? I’ll clarify now, ”said the observer in Russian.

Being two hundred meters from the damaged house, the representatives of the OSCE mission could not find out whether there really was shelling of this place and there is destruction. Citing their focal point, they did not receive shelling data. When asked by journalists, observers explained that the DPR’s representative office in the Joint Center for the Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire (JCCC) are not an official source of information for the OSCE.

“Unfortunately, so far we can’t confirm the information about the destruction, but we will take into account your information,” the employee thanked and made a note in his notebook.

Mission staff refused to approach the damaged house itself, citing their charter, according to which they have no right to independently adjust their routes and actions.

Locals who saw the arrival of the OSCE mission’s cars only waved their hands: after six years of war, they were convinced of the lack of real benefit from having international observers in the Donbass. They were not surprised at the mission’s decision not to record the shelling, only noting that while the OSCE cars are nearby, there is a chance to dismantle the rubble, since the APU is unlikely to open fire on them. The rest of the time you have to be alert.

“The last two weeks the shooting has been very hard and the shelling is going on every morning. About four days ago it was very strong, they shot very hard, and listen right now,” the residents say to the sounds of shooting from the Ukrainian positions.

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