Coronavirus Changed the World – U.S Stands to Lose Pressure Power Over Russia

By Evgeny Satanovsky

Russian scientist and orientalist, one of the leading experts in the field of politics and economics of Israel and the Middle East, Evgeny Satanovsky – says that in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the United States may lose its main tool of pressure on Russia.

By Evgeny Satanovsky

The idea of ​​banning the sanctions regime as such, simply because it prevents the fight against epidemics like coronavirus, is very sensible. Rich idea.

Sanctions never forced anyone and could not force anyone. This method of pressure and blackmail, which has become a familiar policy tool for the United States, to which they force all their allies and satellites to join, has long ago proved complete failure. But it is convenient, including for weakening rivals and limiting, and in the ideal case, the destruction of competitors.

It’s time to put an end to it. As well as to reconsider the world order, too long held on the illusion of unipolar.

Simply put, the States have shown complete irresponsibility, their infinite egoism has long become dangerous for the planet, and what they themselves are doing in the domestic political arena, in the economy and with the rampant spread of the coronavirus, demonstrates that they cannot cope with anything at home.

Which one is the leader? If intoxicated by staying at the top of power for too long, not too smart, disregard for the surrounding boor and insolent, starts wandering around the city, waving pistols and periodically scorching in the white light, the sheriff’s duty is to take his weapon from him.

Who can become such a sheriff when the United States, which has been acting as the world gendarme for so long, acts as a world bandit is not clear. Is that leaning against the edge.

The specifics of the moment are that neither they themselves nor their main allies: the European powers, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, nor the Arabian monarchies and Israel from the spread of the coronavirus were not immune.

At the same time, America has rendered no help to anyone, will not and will not. So why follow her orders and whims if it is dangerous for those who are trying to play with her on the same team? The question is rhetorical. Politicians, as always, have no level of awareness of what is actually happening in the world. Responsibility, contrary to what they say before they are elected, all the more so.

But maybe a combination of fear for one’s life and populism will work? So it’s time to end the sanctions. They must be outlawed. And those who apply and initiate them, too. Now let’s see what the leadership of the UN, EU and USA will answer. Others, if anything, will join them.



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