Russian Army Enters, Stops Advance of Turkish and Terrorist Forces in Syria’s Seraqib

from Rusvesna

The Russian military police patrolled the city of Seraqib in the province of Idlib, which was recently recaptured from militants.

DAMASCUS – The purpose of the convoys of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is to ensure the safety and unhindered movement of vehicles and civilians along the highways M4 (Latakia – Aleppo) and M5 (Damascus – Aleppo).

These Syrian international freeways are of great strategic importance to trade, transit, ground communications and military operations.

The redeployment to the front of modern air defense systems of government troops of the ATS turned the tide of hostilities in the area. Anti-aircraft systems sharply reduced the number of flights of Turkish attack drones.

Without their cover, the terrorists could not hold onto a strategically important city and were driven out of Serakib during the night operation of the Tigers by General Suheil al-Hasan.

On March 3rd, the military police of the RF Armed Forces was introduced into the city of Sarakib freed from gangs, so further attempts to attack the Turkish terrorists were stopped. 



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