NYT: “Orthodox Jews in Israeli have 60% hospitalization rate – Infect themselves and others with Covid-19”

TEL AVIV – In Israel, Orthodox Jewish communities (Haredim) do not follow the rules to curb the spread of the coronavirus. As a result, they are massively infected with a coronavirus infection and infect others. This was reported by The New York Times.

The virus spreads in Haredi communities four to eight times faster than the average for Israel. This is due to the fact that the orthodox refuses to observe isolation, continuing to conduct all religious rites, celebrate weddings and attend mass funerals. Israeli authorities are now considering blocking entire communities to protect the general public.

The share of haredim among the population of Israel is about 12%, up to 60% of their number have already ended up in hospitals.

Earlier, yielding to the Haredim, the Israeli Supreme Court rejected legislation to add one month to the date of the start of Passover (Jewish Passover). This would delay the celebration during the epidemic, but now it will take place as expected – from April 8 to 16, rather than the proposed May 8th..

To date, 4,831 cases of Covid-19 coronavirus infection have been recorded in Israel . 17 people died, 136 were infected in a day.

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