Donetskflix: The Republic Offers Free Movies for all

By Rhys Jones

By Rhys Jones – Originally at OffGuardian – Published May 1, 2020 FRN

As reported by other contributors to Off-G, Donetsk is daily shelled and fired upon by troops from Ukraine territory.

Residents are injured and killed by these unprovoked attacks, homes are damaged and destroyed, yet the official reports of these ceasefire violations published by the international monitoring mission from the EU’s OCSE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe) are, perhaps unsurprisingly, totally ignored and unreported by western MSM.

Continuing to defend itself, rather than being provoked into similar violent attacks the People’s Republic take a more pragmatic and intelligent stance. The Donetsk News Agency publish recorded violations daily ensuring that the facts continue to be made available.

Not without wit and a sense of irony, the Republic’s leadership have today published a new law, a doctrine of freedom that allows any resident of the Republic to freely download films, texts and software from any country that does not officially recognise the Republic.

A new unique kind of weapon, delivered with tongue firmly in cheek, yet real enough.

There are some other exceptions, see the full translated text of the official announcement below for the detail, including that films produced in the Republic are not free for download and viewing.

There are a number of revealing documentaries about the Republic that will remain freely available and remarkably a new spy drama shot and produced in the region during the current global pandemic.

Without revealing too much as the film is pre-release, Alpha R references many of the dynamics that act upon the situation on the Republic and within the “new Cold-War” created by those Western powers and interests that feed this forgotten conflict on the borders of the EU.

(An interesting reference for those who accept the western stance that Marconi was the only inventor of radio and Baird invented TV: Russian pioneer of TV technology, Zworykin, mentioned in the Republic’s announcement, demonstrated his TV system in 1911, Baird in 1926).

Official announcement text:

A new doctrine allowing the free use of films, music, computer games and software from countries that have not recognised the Donetsk People’s Republic enters into force today.

Russia, a friendly country, receives a special status under this doctrine as a country that has “de facto recognised” the Republic and is currently in the process of searching a “de jure” solution.

As for the products of the world’s film and TV industry, any resident of the Republic will be able to freely download and watch any films and TV series.

Hollywood was created by people from Russia, and television was invented by the Russians Zworykin and Rosing. Paying homage to these Russian pioneers of the film and television industry, viewers of the Republic will be able to enjoy the best films, music and other cultural and entertainment products absolutely free of charge.

This doctrine of free use does not therefore include products from countries that have recognised the Donetsk People’s Republic, in addition only products created in such a country after the recognition decision will fall under the exception (until full international recognition of the Republic).

This exception will also apply to films created on the territory of the Republic such as “Alpha R”, a spy thriller that will be the first blockbuster filmed in Donetsk, production was undertaken during the global pandemic.

In order to avoid legal incidents, “pirated” products will only be considered products that are actually about pirates: “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Pirates of the 20th century”, “Treasure Island”, etc.

Enjoy your free viewing, the unprecedented freedom of access to the treasures of the world’s film industry, available only on the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic!

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