If Germany were a sovereign country, how would they answer Donald Trump?

Take ALL your GIs home, and your nuclear bombs too

Sahra Wagenknecht’s newsletter* for today, June 19
He has been “threatening” it for a long time and now Donald Trump actually wants to withdraw 10,000 US soldiers from Germany.
German armaments spending is too low, the US President grumbles, and so the United States is no longer willing to “provide our [German] security.” The German defense minister, Kramp-Karrenbauer, pleads guilty pleading that it would be a significant burden.
And unfortunately that’s really true: she increased the military budget in 2019 by a whopping ten percent, to just under EUR 50 billion compared to the previous year.

And despite Corona, not a single project was canceled, on the contrary: even in the current economic stimulus package, hardly noticed by the public, an additional 10 billion euros got hidden for armament upgrading.

No other country in the top 15 in the world has seen such a sharp increase in arms spending.

What a fatal mistake, allowing yourself to be dictated by Trump, to waste more and more money on tanks and war equipment! A sovereign German government would respond to Trump:
Hey, Mr. President, great idea about this troop withdrawal, but please don’t just take 10,000 soldiers home, but the entire contingent, and right away. And most importantly take the US nuclear weapons with you, we don’t need them here at all!
However, the reduction should really be a reduction, and not just a shift to Poland — and thus even closer to the Russian border, as Trump apparently is planning.

So instead of letting the US and NATO drive expensive armaments projects like the procurement of nuclear weapons-capable US fighters, the federal government should have the backbone to defend our sovereignty and stand up to Trump.
Why it is absurd to expect our security from a country that is the most aggressive military power in the world and demonstrates every day that it cares nothing about European and German interests.


*I am on MP Wagenknecht’s email mailing list, but she has finally put the newsletter on the web, and so I can link to it.
“This is the newsletter from Sahra Wagenknecht, Member of the German Bundestag. In it I provide information on social and peace policy issues – in the Bundestag and throughout the country. You will receive an action mail every Thursday with information and suggestions to participate.”
A personal note: I passed the Graduate Reading exam in German back in 1964. And have kept at it ever since.

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