Corporate Media Cover-up: Bill Clinton Confirmed with Children on Epstein Island

NEW YORK CITY – The just released documents in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial show that Bill Clinton was at Epstein’s child rape island, in a turn of events which many following the case closely were not surprised to discover. In fact, such evidence had been expected, despite a several year-long corporate media campaign to label such speculations as ‘fake news’. This follows a long pattern of corporate media – themselves tied to the very same pedophile, intel and Mossad structures tied to Epstein – running interference for the now exposed ring, at the expense of 1st amendment freedoms. This has been carried out by using the powers of the social media tech firms, which now  maintain a problematic and potentially illegal monopoly over an increasingly privatized and digital public square.

Corporate media failed to report the fact of Clinton’s involvement of minors on Epstein’s island, instead using Bill Clinton’s statements made at civil rights leader John Lewis’ funeral the day prior, to smatter over search terms involving the disgraced former president.

The evidence was released the form of interview transcripts of Epstein victim Virginia Louise Giuffre, documents which Maxwell’s lawyers failed to have blocked from being released in an 11th hour bid some days ago. A judge ruled that the documents should be public, and the revelation was interesting.

Not only does it show that Giuffre’s testimony and interview (which a judge already determined was credible and substantive enough to be entered as evidence in the case against Maxwell) clearly has Bill Clinton on Epstein’s pedophile party island, but that he was seen with two minor girls.

Giuffre’s interview and testimony also shows that UK’s Prince Andrew of the royal family was among those frequenting Epstein’s services, and as Giuffre maintains, repeatedly raped the then minor girl.

Disgraced Jewish-American attorney, Alan Dershowitz, an advocate for mandatory vaccinations, was also included in those who went to Epstein’s island – known on world maps as Little St. James Island.

Dershowitz had been out of headlines for some time, only to appear just recently in on online debate hosted by the ‘Valuetainment’ YouTube channel, against children’s health advocate and attorney, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., of the Kennedy dynasty. This had the effect of bringing Dershowitz into search-engine headlines, only to draw internet users to the huge revelation. Dershowitz has lashed out at rape victim Giuffre, calling her a ”liar”. 

The Giuffre evidence also contradicts earlier claims that Giuffre’s testimony was that Donald Trump was seen flirting with girls on the island. Giuffre says this did not happen, and goes out of her way to correct some erroneous attribution that appears to have occurred earlier in the proceedings.

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