Belarussian SpecOp Team Neutralizes a Terrorist Group Planning a Maidan-Style Uprising (VIDEO)

Mogilev, Belarus – Belarusian police arrested six people who formed a terrorist group that was conducting military-tactical training in the forest in the area around the city of Mogilev in eastern Belarus. The leader of this group created the channel “Partizans Mogilev” on social networks. In the meantime, this group grew to 64 members and acquired good conditions for the formation of an infantry company.

Members of this group gathered in the forest area around Mogilev, where they had training in urban warfare and guerrilla tactics in a forested area. In addition, the group conducted training on the seizure of government buildings. The Belarussian police found evidence that the members of this terrorist group also adopted basic knowledge in making IEDs (improvised explosive devices).

During the arrest operation, the Belarussian police found a white-red flag, adopted by the Neo-Nazi NATO-backed opposition in Belarus. A large number of chevrons with Ukrainian symbols, balaclavas, body armor, airsoft and pneumatic weapons, a signal pistol, knives and radio communication devices were found.

Mogilev (Russian: Могилёв) is a city in eastern Belarus, near the border with Russia with over 300,000 inhabitants. It is the center of the Mogilev region and the third-largest city in Belarus. Mogilev is one of the main economic, railway and industrial centers in Belarus.

After the Second World War, a large metallurgical center with several steel mills was built in the city. There are also factories of industrial machinery, cars, tractors, textiles, leather and chemicals. The city is home to the most important river port on the Dnieper and there is also an airport.

Source: Marsonline

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