Pushilin Orders Obliteration of Ukrainian Army Line near Horlivka

DONETSK, DPR – The head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, ordered the republic’s armed forces to wipe out the Ukrainian military fortifications erected near Horlivka.

In a statement posted on September 5 on the country’s leader’s Telegram channel , it is indicated that these structures were erected in violation of additional measures to strengthen and control the current ceasefire.

“Since my statement on August 28, 2020, we have made intensified attempts to persuade the Ukrainian side to eliminate its positional violations of the additional measures agreed on July 22, 2020 to strengthen the ceasefire regime,” Pushilin writes.

He stressed that at the negotiating platform in Minsk and through the coordination mechanism in accordance with clause e of additional measures, the Donetsk side repeatedly pointed out the need to bury the trenches dug by the Ukrainian side after July 22, 2020, and not to arrange further provocations aimed at disrupting the truce.

“In addition, we have repeatedly warned that in the current situation we have every right to use point“ e ”of additional measures and eliminate these violations on our own, but we did our best to avoid this. The Ukrainian side ignored our reasonable demands. I expected yesterday to receive a document from the JCCC stating that the violations had been eliminated, ” the DPR leader points out.

The official website of the head of the republic also posted his statement, in which he notifies that on the morning of September 7, fire will be opened at illegal Ukrainian structures.

“I officially declare that in accordance with paragraph“ e ”of additional measures, I decided to issue an order to open fire on illegally erected engineering structures in the area of ​​the Shumy settlement (600 meters north-east of the Shumy settlement – the area of ​​newly equipped Ukrainian positions with the center coordinates 48 degrees 22 minutes 57 seconds north latitude and 37 degrees 56 minutes 55 seconds east longitude), ” the DAN agency quotes the text of the statement.

It is noted that an official notification of this decision will be sent by representatives of the DPR in the Contact Group, and the coordinates of the location of the operation will be communicated to the Ukrainian side through the JCCC.


“I call on the Ukrainian side to ensure the absence of personnel in the indicated area from 08:00 on September 7, 2020. We don’t need human sacrifice. We don’t need to break the truce. We only want to comply with the agreements reached, ”concluded Pushilin.

The country’s leader called on the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to monitor this operation at the designated time.

Recall that on August 28, the head of the DPR demanded that Kiev eliminate the violation of additional measures to control the ceasefire in the area of ​​the village of Shumy to the north-west of Horlivka by 22:00 on September 3.

There was no official response from the Ukrainian side, but there was a reaction from Ukrainian forces from the 503rd Separate Marine Corps Battalion: “Come, break it, we are waiting!”

True, from this statement it is impossible to understand whether the gallant Ukrainian marines will remain in their positions in Shumy when they open fire on them. Or they may prefer to wait elsewhere.

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