BREAKING: Trump Claims Victory in Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina AND Michigan

WASHINGTON, D.C. – US President Donald Trump has claimed victory in three states that haven’t been called officially, as well as Michigan which has been called for his Democrat challenger Joe Biden, claiming ballot irregularities, RT reported.

Trump has been warning about mail-in ballots fraud for months now. Although there is still no solid proof for President’s claims, it is not an impossible course of action for the Deep State. Most mainstream media in the United States, as well as nearly all tech corporate giants, such as Facebook and Twitter, have all been working against the incumbent.

Silicon Valley-based tech giants are infamous for allowing the posting of virtually any kind of anti-Trump content, regardless of the origin or the veracity of such (mis)information. And yet, when it came to posting or sharing very real concerns regarding the corruption and criminal dealings of the Biden clan, infamous for their overseas, as well as domestic scandals, tech corporations were quick to block any such content.

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