BREAKING: Yet Another Islamic Terrorist Attack Leaves Multiple People Dead, Wounded in Vienna (GRAPHIC VIDEOS)

VIENNA – At least one person has been killed and several more are feared dead after a group of Islamic terrorists staged yet another attack in Europe. Vienna police confirmed that the terrorist attack took place in central Vienna.

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said he believed the incident was an “apparent terrorist attack”.

A number of suspects armed with rifles launched the assault in six locations, Vienna police stated. Among the injured was also a police officer.

Luckily, one attacker was shot dead by officers, preventing the Islamic terrorist from killing more civilians.

A number of people, including passers-by, have been taken to hospital with several reported to be seriously injured, Austrian broadcaster ORF reports.

Police have urged people to avoid the area and not to take public transport. Roadblocks have been set up around the city center. Footage posted on social media shows people running as gunshots could be heard.

“At the moment I can confirm we believe this is an apparent terror attack,” Interior Minister Karl Nehammer told ORF.

The moment a passer-by is shot by an Islamic terrorist; the attacker is seen coming back to shoot the victim once more

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