WATCH: Russian Airstrikes Obliterate Jihadist Strongholds and Training Camps in Idlib

Idlib, Syria – With the eyes of the world currently fixed on the 2020 US presidential election chaos, the war in Syria, which is probably the most important conflict of our age, is now being overlooked by most of the mainstream media. Still, the SAA (Syrian Arab Army) and the VKS (Russian Aerospace Forces) are continuing their advance in the occupied Syrian province of Idlib.

On the fifth anniversary of Russia’s military intervention in Syria, Russian Defense Minister, Army General Sergei Shoigu stated:

“As a result of air raids and cruise missile strikes, 133,542 terrorist facilities were destroyed, including 400 illegal oil refineries and 4,100 refuelers. A total of 865 terrorist warlords and over 133,000 militants were killed, including 4,500 militants from the Russian Federation and CIS countries,” Shoigu said.

“Those armed formations had ideologically dedicated members with decent military training, who pitted themselves against the rest of the world. In fact, they can be described as the world’s first army of terrorists – well-organized and close-knit, with proper training and good weaponry,” Shoigu added.

The video shows the Su-34 fighter-bomber (NATO reporting name “Fullback”, but also known as the “Hellduck”) and the Su-24 tactical bomber/attack jet (NATO reporting name “Fencer”) destroying the positions of one of the terrorist groups in control of areas in Syria’s Idlib province.

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