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John Stachelski

John Stachelski is long time anti-imperialist activist, a PhD candidate at Yale university in the department of Slavic languages and literatures, and a research fellow of the Center for Syncretic Studies. His work focuses on the philosophy of space in the Eurasian landmass, as well as the intersection of aesthetics and politics.

Alex Jones, the Left, and Corporate Media Censorship in the Age of Neoliberalism

With few exceptions, the left has celebrated the multiplatform decision to ban Alex Jones’ popular “Infowars” brand from most virtual venues, notably on Facebook and Youtube where Jones had accumulated millions of viewers with his Texan brand of political straight talk, which often bordered on the conspiratorial. The left preemptively reacted to the nearly defunct […]

The Jester King: How Trump is Exposing the Real Face of NATO

Immediately after the NATO summit, the war organization’s newest strategy to expand its influence has come up against an increasingly unified resistance – which is bad news for NATO’s crumbling internal political life. In particular, there has been a huge amount of media regarding Trump’s demand that NATO countries increase defense spending to 3% of their […]