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Marija Katic

Marija Katic is a Serbian-to-English Translator and Journalist at FRN. She is a graduate of the Belgrade Faculty of Law, and is a member of the Bar Association of Serbia. She also serves as legal counsel for the Center for Syncretic Studies and its Fort Russ News subsidiary.

Macedonia: Zaev expresses bizarre confidence over EU accession

SKOPJE – Macedonia is just a step away from getting a date to start the EU accession negotiations, and for joining NATO, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said, stressing that the dispute with Greece will be resolved, which will strengthen the identity of the state and its citizens. However, these comments are not entirely justified. Zaev […]

OFFICIAL: Serbia will never recognize Kosovo

BELGRADE – The present Serbian position by the country’s constitution, is that Kosovo and Metohija is an integral part of Serbia. The EU placed conditions informally but very concretely that Serbia must recognize independence of Kosovo if it expects to join the EU. Serbia is trying to split the policy so it can enter the EU. […]

Will the EU succeed in forcing Serbia to recognize ‘Kosovo’?

Political directors of the US, UK, France, Germany and Italy met in Washington to discuss the final phase of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue that is expected be held in the upcoming months. The goal is to reach a final agreement between the parties, which is aimed at a normalization of relations between Serbia and the US quisling […]

Does new Russian aircraft carrier mean end to US Naval dominance?

The Russian nuclear aircraft carrier “Storm” could change the power relationship on the seas at the same time in three regions, according to the US-based online magazine “Military Watch”. According to experts, this cruiser would be useful for guaranteeing the security of Damascus, the most important ally of Moscow in that area, and in the […]

Trans-Atlantic panic as brewing US-EU trade war threatens ties

BERLIN – Germany, as the largest European exporter to the United States and with over a million jobs directly or indirectly associated with these exports, desperately wants to avoid any EU trade war with Washington. But a trade war between the US and the EU is brewing, and likewise, tensions between Germany and other EU […]

Will Serbia hold NATO responsible for criminal use of depleted uranium?

The Republic of Serbia appears to be making moves that would ultimately open the door to holding NATO responsible for the significant spike in cancer illnesses and deaths which followed NATO’s bombing of Serbia with depleted uranium shells. President of the Serbian Parliament Maja Gojkovic drafted a resolution in parliament that would establish a commission […]