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MAJOR: Beijing Warns ‘Five Eyes’ Could be Poked Blind if China’s Sovereignty, Security Harmed

BEIJING – Rebutting the Five Eyes’ (US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ) joint statement stigmatizing the recent decision by China’s top legislature to disqualify 4 disloyal lawmakers from Hong Kong, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian expressed strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to repeated external interference in China’s internal affairs. He directly warned the Five Eyes […]

MAJOR: Japan Quietly Sides With China on Hong Kong Issue

BEIJING/TOKYO – Jun 10, 2020 – Japan reportedly decided not to join the United States, the United Kingdom and some other countries in “condemning” China over a recently-passed law to safeguard national security in Hong Kong, the semi-autonomous Chinese territory. According to a report by Japan’s Kyodo news agency on Sunday, Tokyo refused to be […]

THE UNFORGIVING EMPIRE: Snowden Faces 15,000,000 Years Imprisonment For Proving the US Spies on the Whole World (VIDEO)

MOSCOW – On Tuesday, September 17th, in several countries around the world simultaneously, Edward Snowden’s autobiography hit the shelves. Its title is “Permanent Record”. Edward Snowden is an American programmer and former employer of both the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and NSA (National Security Agency) who has already spent five years in Russia where he […]

Christchurch Attack Decoded: A Manifestation of Israel’s Master Plan to Orchestrate War between the Muslim and Christian World

Editor’s note and Trigger Warning – This material may not be suitable for individuals with averse reactions to officially unapproved views on the Christchurch Massacre. Do not read further if materials that provide other-than-official reading of the facts are prohibited in your community or legal jurisdiction. It is the editorial view of FRN that this […]

Facebook Operationalizes New Zealand Terrorism: FB Uses Tragedy as Pretext for Further Censorship and Integration with Police

PALO ALTO, California – Published on: Mar 17, 2019 @ 13:03 – Facebook employees removed over 1.5 million videotapes posted on social networks that captured the terrorist attack in Christchurch New Zealand. This was admitted in a statement by the official representative of Facebook, Mia Garlick, as 1.2 million videos were deleted at the download stage. […]

New Zealand Tragedy: Terrorism has No Religion

From what little we know about the perpetrators of what’s surely NZ’s worst terrorist attack … the main figure appears to be an Australian who arrived here “recently”. We often hear certain sorts of people going on about the “threat” from “Muslim migration” or whatever other demographic they can scaremonger about. And yet, quite directly […]

On “Facing Up” To The “Whole History” Of NZ Pre-1840

February 6th is our national day, here in New Zealand – Waitangi Day. And while it nominally commemorates the spirit of partnership with which the Treaty of Waitangi was entered into, and subsequently, the shared heritage of our contemporary nationhood … it has also become a flashpoint for protest, invective, and vitriol from both Maori […]