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Italy: Only 12% of Covid19 deaths Actually List Covid19 as Cause

Report shows up to 88% of Italy’s alleged Covid19 deaths could be misattributed From Off-Guardian  —————– Mar 24, 2020  The way Italy registers deaths explains their increased coronavirus case/fatality ratio, according to one expert and a report from Italy’s National Institute of Health (ISS). Citing this report (in English here), Professor Walter Ricciardi, scientific adviser to […]


Military Dictatorship: Ruling Class Launches Bio-War Against Humanity

Dear readers – under these emergency conditions, we republish a crude translation of the following. It is quite in depth, looking at the present reality and history of US bio weapons as a form of warfare. We are limited by draconian anti-speech laws under the present global state of emergency, to say more than this. […]

MAJOR: Syrian Army Uncovers Terrorist Chemical Weapons Workshop in Western Aleppo (VIDEO)

Allepo, Syria – Syrian government forces have discovered a workshop in the western countryside of the country’s embattled northwestern province of Aleppo, where foreign-backed terrorists used to manufacture toxic chemical weapons for their attacks against army troops and civilians in government-controlled areas. Syrian forces have found more than solid evidence of the manufacture and use […]

Nihilism and International Politics – Of False Flags and Staged Attacks

By Amir Azarvan –Assistant Professor of Political Science, Georgia Gwinnett College –    From the sinking of the RMS Lusitania to the apparently staged chemical attack in Douma, humanity has witnessed a plethora of false – or, at minimum, highly dubious – pretexts for war.  Although I do not at all wish to imply that […]

Russia’s Intelligence Chief: White Helmets Wage Information War Against Syria

MOSCOW – The White Helmets NGO (non-governmental organization) is funded by various Western intelligence services, and it is waging an information war against Syria, its legitimate government and the Syrian people, Director of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin stated on Wednesday. Director of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service made the statement at the opening of […]

MAJOR: New Doc, THIRD Whistleblower Hit OPCW for Throwing Dirt at Leakers Claiming Douma Account Was Fabricated

The Hague, Netherlands – A third whistle-blower has come forward to corroborate the previous complaints that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) tried to suppress evidence-gathering in the Douma probe, a report said. The alleged new whistleblower, whose redacted email was shared by the Grayzone Project on Tuesday, backed the complaints made by […]