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JP Sears Tackles the Coup against the Coup against the Coup

Comedian JP Sears has worked long and hard to create a following and reputation for this rare art of “getting people to laugh at their folly”, and in the following January 7, 2021 video, takes the kid gloves off as he tears down the legitimacy of mainstream narratives pushed by Big Tech, the Deep State and the Media who all want you to suddenly believe that the violence on Capitol Hill was the direct effect of President Trump’s promotion of a coup d’état to stop… the coup d’état.

The Coming Battle For The New World

Why is it the case that every time one looks for the causes for disruptions, coups, and assassinations anywhere in the world, including the USA, the ugly hand of British Intelligence is always to be found manipulating the strings from above? How have these British intelligence actively organized the past four years of Russiagate, and even Russiagate’s new incarnation as the “election fraud of 2020”?