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The Art of Gaslighting

Well, that is the problem, because if too many people actually allow themselves to believe in lies, we will be left with a population that has essentially agreed to gouge out their eyes. That is, if the people accept that such a tyranny is everywhere and yet remains faceless to them, we will have a population that is no different from the sad case of Paula, who leaves her fate to her very oppressor.

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: In the hills of Chechnya – PART II

By Vladimir Gujanicic – Knowing the devastation of Grozny from just ten years ago, the city itself made quite of an impression. The next day, our Chechen hosts took us around a rural part of the country, far out of the city. Progress and new buildings are also visible in the suburbs and villages we […]


By Vladimir Gujanicic – After twenty minutes of flying over pastures and hills, we landed at the not-so-large airport of Chechnya’s capital, Grozny. As we left the airport, we were greeted by our hosts, who from the very first moment tried their best to leave the best impression. After a short trip, we found ourselves […]

HILARIOUS: Kiev Wants To Pay MORE for Russian Gas Exported to EU, Instead of Buying it Directly From Russia (VIDEO)

MOSCOW/BRUSSELS/KIEV – The Reichskommissariat Ukraine, officially known just as Ukraine, has shown once again what a textbook example of a neocolony looks like. Independent countries are greatly interested in things that benefit their citizens. However, (Reichskommissariat) Ukraine has shown anything but taking care of its citizens. With winter coming in mere months, it would be […]

RUSSIAGATES EVERYWHERE: Russian Embassy Accused of Spying on the FBI (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – The Russian Embassy in the US intends to get explanations from the State Department, regarding a new spying scandal concerning Russian diplomats. Yahoo! News published a whole detective story that implies that members of Russian December 2016 delegation were allegedly involved in intercepting FBI data. Without proof, the authors claim that Russians were […]

CNN at it Again: Russiagate 2.0 (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – With Russiagate deader than ever (even revealing actual meddling on part of some other countries), the psychotic Russophobes in the US mainstream media are going insane, to say the least. They simply need another Russophobic trope, literally anything that could showcase the “evil Russia, evil Putin threatening our freedom and democracy”. And […]