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MAJOR: Albania Begins Next Phase of Annexing Serbian Kosovo

TIRANA, Albania – May 24, 2020 – After the end of the coronavirus pandemic, Albanian army forces will begin the next phase of the annexation of the Serbian autonomous region of Kosovo. Albanian forces will serve for the first time as part of the foreign occupying KFOR forces in Serbia’s Kosovo. This was announced by […]

Greek minority blasts Albanian PM for human right violations

With the known tactic of beautifying of the actual conditions and situations experienced by the Greek minority in Albania, in a televised interview with EuroNews, in view of the meeting with the Greek Prime Minister, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama made statements. The Democratic Union of National Hellenic Minority, insisting that no policy can be […]

Pot Calling The Kettle Black: Albanian FM Accuses Serbia of Having a “Criminal History”

BELGRADE – Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has asked Albania to apologize publicly for Foreign Minister Ghent Tsakai’s statements. According to Dacic, Chakai accused Serbia of having a “criminal history” and of alienating politicians and members of paramilitary groups “at the forefront of present-day Serbia”, according to the Serbian Telegraph. “This is a falsification of […]

Is the ‘Greater Albania’ Project Aimed Against Russia in the Balkans?

A project for Greater Albania – conspiracy or legitimate? According to a 2010 Gallup Balkan Monitor report, 83% of Albanians in Albania supported the idea of a Greater Albania, with 81% and 53% of Albanians in Kosovo and North Macedonia respectively supporting such an ambition. The ultimate goal? To have Kosovo and the Preševo Valley […]

Why Patriotic Nationalism Beats the Ethnic-based One

When talking about nationalism, the Western mainstream media often use the term in a broadly negative connotation. However, how many people in the neoliberal-dominated West really know anything about nationalism? Expectedly, the answer is little to none. In order to understand nationalism, we have to go back to its root. Although nationalism was defined only […]

War on Identity – the abuse of Kosovo toponym

By Grey Carter – Every now and then we are being bombed by some terms in order to get used to them and accept them as something regular, accurate and correct. Such a thing happened with the toponym of Kosovo. The same method was applied in Bosnia and Hercegovina, i.e with the toponym of Bosnia, […]