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Albanian War-Criminal ‘Government’: We will destroy Serbian Communities

KOSOVO, Occupied Serbia – Pristina will not allow the formation of a community of Serbian municipalities, since this is equivalent to the creation of a “Republika Srpska in Kosovo”. This was declared on May 30 by the “president” of the separatist Kosovo, Hashim Thaci. “It is true that I previously agreed with the formation of the […]


Kosovo’s participation in NATO exercises is part of HOSTILE policy against Serbia

PRISTINA, Occupied Serbia – The participation of the so-called Kosovo Army of NATO military exercises in Croatia is a demonstration of the continuity policy of the Western powers in the Western Balkans against Belgrade, says Serbia’s military analyst. In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Croatia’s entry into NATO, the military exercises entitled “Immediate Response […]

MAJOR: Serbia Rejects US-Albania Platform on Kosovo Recognition – ‘Indefinitely Postponed’

BELGRADE – Serbian President Vucic appears to have outmaneuvered the Euro-Atlantic effort to push Serbia into an unacceptable deal regarding any recognition of Kosovo as an independent country. The achievement of a “comprehensive agreement on the full normalization of relations” between the Serbian authorities and the Kosovo separatists has been apparently postponed indefinitely. On March […]