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Belarus in The Firing Line For a Colour Revolution

By Kit Knightly – Originally at OffGuardian – Published Aug 17, 2020 FRN Belarus had their presidential election last Sunday, and the incumbent Alexandr Lukashenko apparently won. This was evidently not supposed to happen, or in some other way counter to the Western world’s grand plan – because now we have a little colour revolution happening. […]

Russian FM Calls on Minsk to Stop Escalating Negative Emotions, Refutes Claims That Russia Sent People to Destabilize Belarus

MOSCOW/MINSK – Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov refuted claims that Russia could have tasked anyone with destabilizing the situation in Belarus ahead of the presidential election there as slander. “We are now seeing slanderous claims that some Russian organizations send people to Belarus to destabilize the situation there. Of course, this is nothing but slander. Russia […]

Covid-19 Psychosis Defeated: How Belarus Ignored the WHO and Beat Coronavirus

By Natalya Grigoryeva – Jun 20, 2020 MINSK – Speaking to Grodno labor collectives on June 16, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko explained that his country’s experience in combating coronavirus infection has already become “the property of the whole world”, and the World Bank is even ready to allocate $ 300 million to Minsk to share the […]

Lukashenko denies Belarus-Russia military alliance is for invasion purposes

MINSK – President Alexandr Lukashenko denied that Belarus is building a military alliance with Russia to invade neighboring nations. “Do not even think of writing that we are creating here with any Russia to move tanks against you. It will never happen,” Lukashenko said, addressing a Polish journalist, who asked not to publish unproven data. […]

MAJOR: NATO begins military exercises near the Russian border

VILNIUS – NATO began the Iron Wolf 2019-II exercises in Lithuania, a Baltic country located near Russia. About 4,000 military personnel from 11 alliance countries will participate in the maneuvers, which will focus on the use of armored vehicles. The exercises will involve about 1,000 military equipment, such as tanks, other armored vehicles and artillery […]

Confessions of Maidan snipers

By Darrol – Some historical facts emerge sooner than others.  The snipers who started the final stage of the coup in Kiev, Feb. 18-20, 2014, by shooting 210 police officers and 70 demonstrators (though the article says only “dozens”), have come forth and given testimony in court.  In neutral Belarus.  The snipers came from the Georgian […]