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MAJOR: Belgium Begins Testing on Non-Vaccine Treatment for Covid-19

By Gabriela Galindo – The Brussels Times – A clinical trial for a drug with the potential to treat one of the symptoms of the illness caused by the new coronavirus (Covid-19) will begin in Belgium on Wednesday. French biotechnology company Biophytis got the green light from the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products […]

WHY? Belgium Destroyed 38 Million Protective Masks citing ‘Shelf Life’

The Belgian Federal Ministry of Health destroyed millions of protective masks from the strategic reserve before the COVID-19 pandemic, because they had ‘exceeded their shelf life’.  “32 million surgical masks and 6 million respiratory masks of the FFP2 type, which are now in short supply worldwide, were destroyed because they reached their maximum shelf life […]

STEUCKERS: Enter the Era of Pyropolitics

By Robert Steuckers  – a writer and Belgian political activist . Formerly close to the New Right , it was the theorist of conservative revolution of the “New Right”. He left GRECE in 1993 to create Synergies Européennes, where he defends the theses of a pan-European anti-capitalist nationalism. Initiator of conferences, co-author of several collected works, he is considered a “polyglot lecturer”.   […]

‘U.S Violates all Ethical and Legal Norms’ – Lavrov SLAMS U.S Interference in European Parliament

MOSCOW – Lavrov has just spoken publicly about the interference of the US in the European Parliament. Today, the European Parliament adopted a self-defeating document which summarily ends the EU’s consideration of Russia as its ‘Strategic partner’. Lavrov understands this to be further evidence of the US’s interference or meddling in the political processes of […]

MAJOR: European Parliament’s 180 – Declares Russia ‘Not a Partner’, Nordstream 2 off table?

BRUSSELS – In the latest development, the European Parliament has made a  major declaration. Now officially, the European Union no longer considers Russia its “strategic partner”. Primarily this was based on “the Russian aggression against Ukraine.” This is stated in a new report on political relations between the EU and the Russian Federation. The European […]

Paranoid of Russian Espionage, Belgium Bans Military Use of Personal Smartphones

BRUSSELS, Belgium – The Belgian military involved in NATO missions in the Baltic states will soon be banned from using personal smartphones because of concerns about possible spying activities, especially from Russia, VRT reported. VRT has quoted General Carl Gillis, Chief of Operations Division of the Belgian Defense Department, as saying that the Belgian Defense […]